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Industrial Track (Afternoon)

Hi-Tech Floor Renovations
Steven Reinstadtler, Covestro, Pittsburgh, PA

This course will cover high performance industrial and decorative concrete floor coating technologies. The sustainability drivers and aesthetic preferences which contribute to the satisfaction of the building occupants will be discussed in detail. The course will cover benefits/drawbacks, correct surface preparation and site considerations as well as the safe handling and use of the high performance components. The flooring renovation at an iconic Pittsburgh-area building, the Energy Innovation Center, will be shared to demonstrate the use of high performance floor coatings to preserve, adapt, or retask new or existing spaces as a seamless alternative to floor coverings or lower performance coatings.


Commissioning Industrial Systems
Don Olmstead, Venture Engineering, Warrendale, PA

This session will focus on commissioning of industrial systems, addressing:

  • Approaches – API vs. CII vs. ?
  • Team Composition
  • Planning
  • Checklists
  • Automation
  • Contracts and specifications
  • Performance guarantees and testing
  • Budgeting
  • Managing customer expectations
  • Liability


Harmonics and Power Factor
Robert MacFadyen, Kohler Power Systems, Sheboygan, Wi

This session will be present a discussion Power quality.  Exploring the difference in types of loads we see in our distribution systems and how they affect the cleanliness of the voltage and current generated.  Making correlations to Harmonics and Power Factor implications of the loads focusing on what creates them, how they affect power, and how they can be addressed.  Intent of the presentation being to drive a conceptual understanding of these topics using visualization to describe transient reactance, system stiffness, and resonance frequency and allowing for real world examples to aid in appreciation of subject material.