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Legal & Ethics Track (Afternoon)

Legal and Practical Consequences of Engineering Defects and Failures -ethical Issues
Brian Davidson, Dingess, Foster, Luciana, Davidson & Chleboski LLP, Pittsburgh, PA

The session will address:

  • General Legal Consequences and Ethical Requirements at the time of a Failure
  • Three Case Studies (1981 – Kansas City Hyatt Regency Skywalk Collapse; 2006 – Big Dig and the I-90 Connector Tunnel Ceiling Collapse; and 2007 – I-35W Bridge Collapse)
  • Observations, Practical Considerations, Engineering Root Cause Analysis and Lessons Learned


Standard of Care when Specifying New Technologies
Jim Hamilton, P.E.*, Esq.*, GAI Consultants, Inc, Homestead, PA (*Maine)

In our world of design and engineering, many “new, unique or innovative technologies” have limited track records in the real world. This presentation will discuss the engineer’s responsibility to analyze the pros and cons and identify prudent risk management techniques to use before specifying a “new, untested technology” with a limited track record or preparing a unique or innovative design.


Primer: Professional Liability and the Economic Loss Rule
Michael Eveges, PE, MASCE, Brashear Construction Consulting, Inc.

Provides an introduction to the need for professional liability insurance and how it relates to the concept of Economic Loss. Presentation addresses topics such as: Who is a ‘Professional?’ What are the duties and liabilities associated with being a Professional? What are the typical sources of claims against design professionals? What factors contribute to claims? Other topics covered include: the concepts of contractual privity and liability defined by the Economic Loss Rule; existing options for Professional insurance and related exclusions.