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Call for Bridge Tours

Bridge designers and engineers love the opportunity to get out and walk the active construction site of a bridge project!

Since we lack the ability to offer an in-person tour during the conference, we are seeking a virtual tour to showcase your project.

The tours will be presented during the “virtual IBC” through pre-recorded videos, provided by you. We are not looking for “Hollywood-style” production value, rather videos that may be shot on an iPhone or a drone GoPro camera.

The only criteria we seek is that it must be a current active construction project, and the project nominator must be available for a “Q&A”session following the broadcast of the tour.

Here are a few other things to think about:

  • Initial submissions only require a 250 word abstract, if your video is already complete feel free to upload that as well for our review committee.
  • Suggested length of the video is 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Abstracts are due by April 16 and if selected by our review committee, your final video is due by May 15.

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