IWC 16-10, 11, 12


IWC 16-10: Treatment of Upstream Oil & Gas Wastewaters Prior to Disposal into a Class IID Well – Marcellus & Utica Shale Play
Russ Huffmyer, McKim & Creed, Inc., Sewickley, PA; David Grottenthaler, Self-Source Solutions, McDonald, PA
Discusser: Jonathan Shimko, Tetra Tech, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
IWC 16-11: Uses of WAC Resin in the Hydrogen Form
Guy Mommaerts, IESCI, Elmira, ON Canada
Discusser: Michael Dejak, Eco-Tec Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
IWC 16-12: Improving Analytical Test Methods in SAGD/CSS Water Streams
Joe B. Bodeux, Baker Hughes, Bonnyville, AB Canada; René Bélanger, P. Eng., Baker Hughes, Sturgeon County, AB Canada; Stephen A. Wight, Baker Hughes, Fort McMurray, AB Canada
Discusser: Chip Westaby, Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Kirkwood, MO