IBC 19-01, 02, 03, 04, 05


IBC 19-01: Automated Reinforcement of Bridges Under a BIM Perspective
Alexander Mabrich, P.E., MSc, MBA, Bentley Systems, Sunrise, FL

IBC 19-02: Incremental Launching Method for Cayirköy Bridges
Francois Pissot, Giulio Maria Scotto, and Julien Erdogan, Freyssinet, Rueil Malmaison, Veuillez Sélectionner, France

IBC 19-04: Case Studies of Bridge Failure due to Scour and Prevention of Future Failures
Roger Simpson, Ph.D. and Gwibo Byun, Ph.D., AUR, Inc., Blacksburg, VA

IBC 19-05: Non-Destructive Testing on High Load Multirotational
Ronald Watson, R.J. Watson, Inc., Alden, NY


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