IWC 19-01, 02, 03


IWC 19-01: Steamblow Lessons Learned from Start-Up of Two Combined Cycle Power Plants in North America
Lauren Barbir, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Trevose, PA; Jeffrey Sirko, Anderson Bright, and Craig Lockhart, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Norfolk, VA
Discusser: Robert Bartholomew, P.E., Sheppard T. Powell Associates LLC, Baltimore, MD
IWC 19-02: The Death of Deep Bed Condensate Polishing
Peter Meyers, ResinTech Inc., West Berlin, NJ
Discusser: Colleen Scholl, P.E., HDR, Whitewater, WI
IWC 19-03: On-Line Iron Studies using a Film Forming Product and a Film Forming Amine
Ken Kuruc, Hach, Loveland, CO
Discusser: Kevin Boudreaux, Chemtreat, Richmond, VA