IWC 19-04, 05, 06


IWC 19-04: Zero Liquid Waste (ZLW) Facility – Five Years of Full-Scale Operational Experience from Mine Water Treatment Plant
Srikanth Muddasani, Keith Benson and Kashi Banerjee, Veolia Water Technologies, Moon Township, PA
Discusser: Neal Gallagher, Golder Associates, Inc., Lakewood, CO
IWC 19-05: Iatan SDE Design, Operation, Maintenance and Operational Costs
Travis Reynolds, GE Power, Knoxville, TN; Cuong Pham, Evergy, Weston, MO
Discusser: Arturo Burbano, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, GHD, Miami, FL
IWC 19-06: Integrated Water and Wastewater Zero Discharge System for Liquefied Natural Gas Plant: Lessons Learned from Design, Start-Up and Operations
Josh Dewanaga P.E., and David Ciszewski, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Bellevue, WA; David Rowe, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Norfolk, VA; Lauren Barbir, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Trevose, PA
Discusser: Eric Costello, P.E., Orlando Utilities Commission, Orlando, FL