IWC 19-10, 11, 12


IWC 19-10: Monitoring for Over-Reduction of Selenium in Closed Vessel and Passive Bioreactor Treatment Systems
Russ Gerads and Ben Wozniak, Brooks Applied Labs, Bothell, WA
Discusser: James Beninati, P.E., HDR, Pittsburgh, PA
IWC 19-11: Texas Fish Hatchery uses Ultraviolet Disinfection for Treatment of Toxic Golden Alga
Dennis Bitter, Atlantium Technologies, Sarasota, FL; Ytzhak Rozenberg, Atlantium Technologies, Inc., Israel; Greg Southard, TPWD Inland Fisheries – Analytical Services Laboratory, San Marcos, TX
Discusser: Julia Mercer, HDR, Pittsburgh, PA
IWC 19-12: Industrial Potable Water Treatment – A Case Study of Monitoring and Managing Metal Concentrations to Meet EPA Lead and Copper Rule Compliance
Cristina Piekarz, HDR, Walnut Creek, CA
Discusser: Leila Tootchi, P.Eng., Fluor, Calgary, AB, Canada