IWC 19-29, 30, 31, 32


IWC 19-29: Proper Use of Alarm Limits for Steam Cycle Chemistry Control
David Daniels, M&M Engineering, a Division of Acuren Inspection, Inc., Leander, TX
Discusser: Larry Hale, METTLER TOLEDO Thornton, Inc., Billerica, MA
IWC 19-30: Determination of the Time to Clean Industrial Boilers Based Upon Upset Feedwater Conditions
Edward Beardwood, Beardwood Consulting & Technologies, Inc., London, ON, Canada
Discusser: Richard Szilagyi, WesTech Engineering, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT
IWC 19-31: Low pH Excursion in 1500 psi Steam Generation System at an Ethylene Plant
Aizaz Ahmed, NOVA Chemicals Corporation, Calgary, AB, Canada; Chris Garton, Nalco Champion, An Ecolab Company, Sarnia, ON, Canada
Discusser: Michael Bluemle, Ph.D., Solenis LLC, Wilmington, DE
IWC 19-32: Analytical Tools to Manage Phosphate and Caustic Treatment
Randy Turner, SWAN Analytical USA, Wheeling, IL
Discusser: Ken Kuruc, Hach, Loveland, CO