IWC 19-45, 46, 47, 48


IWC 19-45: Utility Experience on Commissioning and Operating FGD WWT
Derek Henderson, P.E., Duke Energy, Raleigh, NC; Jared Troyer, P.E. and Ray Lidke, Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC; William Kennedy, P.E., Stantec, Charlotte, NC
Discusser: Nelson Fonseca, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Oakville, ON Canada
IWC 19-46: Near Real-Time Detection of Mercury and Selenium in FGD Wastewaters for Process Control
Cassandra Hutson and Craig Katkic, AECOM, Austin, TX; Naomi Goodman, EPRI, Palo Alto, CA
Discusser: Robert Simm, Stantec, Chandler, AZ
IWC 19-47: Vortex-Assisted Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis for FGD Wastewater Meets and Exceeds 2015 Effluent Limitation Guidelines to Produce Reuse-Quality Effluent: Operational Findings for Maximizing Flux and Minimizing Scaling
Jonathan Liberzon, Jonathan Chen and Tzu Lung Lin, Tomorrow Water (BKT), Anaheim, CA
Discusser: David Pernitsky, Stantec, Calgary, AB, Canada
IWC 19-48: Coal Pile Runoff: A Management and Treatment Case Study to Find a Resourceful Solution
Chloe Grabowski, HDR, Missoula, MT; Chad McKnight and Chandler Shelton, Southern Company, Birmingham, AL
Discusser: John Peichel, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Minnetonka, MN