IWC 19-49, 50, 51, 52


IWC 19-49: Brine Management: A Review of Options and Technologies
John Korpiel, P.E. and Kurt Blohm, Veolia Water Technologies, Moon Township, PA; Corey Skadahl, Veolia Water Technologies, Plainfield, IL
IWC 19-50: Achieving Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) with Advanced Membrane Systems for Maximized Volume Reduction: 5X, 20X, 40X and 70X!
Malcolm Man, Benjamin Sparrow and Anisa Maruschak and Geer Qile, Saltworks Technologies Inc., Richmond, BC, Canada
Discusser: Brandon Yallaly, P.E., Carollo Engineers, Inc., Boise, ID
IWC 19-51: Overcoming the Challenges of Concentrate Recovery Using Autonomous, Data-Driven RO
Michael Boyd, Desalitech, Newton, MA; Han Gu, Ph.D. and Megan Plumlee, Ph.D, P.E., Orange County Water District, Fountain Valley, CA; Jim Lozier, P.E., Jacobs, Tempe, AZ; Michael Hwang, P.E., Jacobs, Irvine, CA; Ran Nadav, P.E., Desalitech, Kefar-Sava, Israel
Discusser: Jason Bailey, Avista Technologies, Inc., Winston-Salem, NC
IWC 19-52: Pressure Retarded Osmosis: A Potential Technology for Desalination Energy Recovery and Concentrate Management
Joshua Benjamin, Qiong Zhang and Mauricio Arias, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Discusser: Tony Fuhrman, LG Water Solutions, Torrance, CA