IWC 19-53, 54, 55, 56


IWC 19-53: Treatment of Aerospace Machining and Inspection Wastewater
Chris Stanfill, P.E., Arcadis, Atlanta, GA; Michael Soller, P.E., CPC, DBIA, Bowen Engineering Corporation, Indianapolis, IN
Discusser: Mark Owens, P.E., SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Richmond, VA
IWC 19-54: Secrets to a Successful Implementation of a Water Treatment Project
Dennis McBride, Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, MO
Discusser: Brian Stater, Bowen Engineering Corporation, Indianapolis, IN
IWC 19-55: Water Management and Efficiency Study for Automotive Manufacturing Complex in a Water-Stressed Region
Brian Moore, Ph.D., Arcadis, Clifton Park, NY
Discusser: Ron Ruocco, P.E., Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., Charlotte, NC
IWC 19-56: Cogeneration – Opportunities to Improve Heat Recovery and Power Generation while Saving Water and Reducing Chemical Costs
Diane Martini and Robert Wright, Burns & McDonnell, Chicago, IL
Discusser: Daniel Sampson, HDR, Walnut Creek, CA