IWC 19-61, 62, 63, 64


IWC 19-61: High Temperature Reverse Osmosis Membrane SAGD Process Design Assessment
Basil Perdicakis, Ph.D., P.Eng. and Mick McGregor, P.Eng., Suncor Energy, Calgary, AB, Canada; Matthew Petersen, Ph.D., Arcadis, Highlands Ranch, CO; Anthony J. (A.J.) Gerbino, Ph.D., OLI Systems, Cedar Knolls, NJ
Discusser: Najib Jomaa, P.Eng., CNOOC International, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
IWC 19-62: Successful Field Demonstration of Produced Water Treatment Using Elevated pH Reverse Osmosis Technology at an Oilfield in California
John Korpiel, P.E. and Mark Hess, Veolia Water Technologies, Moon Township, PA; Oscar Velastegui, Veolia Water Technologies, Brea, CA
Discusser: Rasika Nimkar and Dr. AJ Gerbino, OLI Systems, Inc., Cedar Knolls, NJ
IWC 19-63: Addressing the Omnipresent Silica Scale in SAGD Operations
René Bélanger, P.Eng., Baker Hughes Company, Edmonton, AB, Canada; Colin Johnson, P.Eng., MBA and Glen MacInnis, M.Sc., P.Chem, Baker Hughes Company, Calgary, AB, Canada; Ross Carruthers, P.Eng., MBA and Kyle Campbell, P.Eng., Suncor Energy, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
Discusser: Corbin Ralph, Ph.D., Nalco Champion, Cold Lake, AB, Canada
IWC 19-64: Life Cycle of Produced Water in the Eagle Ford Shale
Nicole Bartoletta and Russ Huffmyer, McKim & Creed, Sewickley, PA; Andy Simon and Taylor Mitchell, Pilot Water Solutions, Baton Rouge, LA
Discusser: Chip Westaby, Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Fresno, CA