IWC 19-65, 66, 67, 68


IWC 19-65: Membrane Performance Following Five Years of Continuous Use of a Non-Chemical Dechlorination Technology at Plant Bowen
Dennis Bitter, Atlantium Technologies, Sarasota, FL; Ytzhak Rozenberg, Atlantium Technologies, Israel; Aaron Nickles, Southern Company- Plant Bowen, Cartersville, GA
Discusser: Phillip Locke, P.E., McKim & Creed, Clearwater, FL
IWC 19-66: Planning/Design Considerations for RO Based Boiler Make-up Water Treatment System Using River Water Source
Theping Chen, P.E., Veolia North America, Solon, OH
Discusser: Anne Arza, Culligan, Libertyville, IL
IWC 19-67: Enhanced Desalination via Membrane Distillation using Carbon Nanotube Immobilized Membranes
Somenath Mitra and Sagar Roy, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ
Discusser: Sailesh Singh, P.Eng., Golder Associates, Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
IWC 19-68: RO Membrane Permeability, Power Consumption and CEC Rejection
Alan Sharpe and Christopher Tippett, LANXESS Corporation, Birmingham, NJ
Discusser: Nik Mehta, MICRODYN-NADIR, Goleta, CA