IWC 19-73, 74, 75, 76


IWC 19-73: Monovalent Cation Selective Electro Dialysis Ion Exchange Membrane
Simon Dukes, Benjamin Satterfield and George Gu, Ph.D., Evoqua Water Technologies, Lowell, MA
Discusser: Donald Downey, Purolite Corporation, Paris, ON, Canada
IWC 19-74: Design Complications Related to Water Recycle and Reuse in Combined Cycle Power Plants
Behrang Pakzadeh, P.E., Ph.D., Caroline Wilson, EIT and Brian Clarke, P.E., Kiewit Engineering Group, Inc., Lenexa, KS; Jason Mitchell, P.E. and Travis Brown, U.S. Water, St. Michael, MN
Discusser: Donald Thomas, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, Salt Lake City, UT
IWC 19-75: Qualification of UF-RO for Potable Reuse
Steven Notch, Wigen Water Technologies, Minneapolis, MN; Anna Ness, CDM Smith, Jacksonville, FL; Ryan Popko, P.E., JEA, Jacksonville, FL
Discusser: Roy Daly, LG Chem, Torrance, CA
IWC 19-76: Reducing Footprint and Improving Water Quality for High Strength Steel Manufacturing
Benoit Tranape, Tracey Williams and Kevin Donahue, CeraMem – ALSYS Group, Waltham, MA
Discusser: Gregory Madden, H2O Innovation, Champlin, MN