IWC 16-13, 14, 15, 16


IWC 16-13: Improving the Fouling Resistance of Reverse Osmosis Elements
Guillem Gilabert-Oriol and Claudia Niewersch, Dow Chemical Iberica, Tarragona, Spain; Jon Johnson and Tina Arrowood, The Dow Chemical Company, Minneapolis, MN; Gerard Massons, Centre Tecnologic de la Quimica de Catalunya, Tarragona, Spain; Aikaterini Tsoutsoura and Veronica Garcia-Molina,, DOW Europe GmbH, Horgen, Switzerland; Yang Cheng, DOW Chemical(China) Invest Co., Shanghai, China
Discusser: Anne Bridgman, Canadian Water Technologies, Calgary, AB Canada
IWC 16-14: Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis of Industrial Wastewater at High Recovery without Scaling
Richard Stover, Ph.D. and Michael Boyd, Desalitech, Newton, MA
Discusser: Andrew Erickson, Burns & McDowell, Kansas City, MO
IWC 16-15: Correlating Laser Nephelometric Techniques To Traditional Monitoring of Silt Density Index in RO
Ken Kuruc, Denton Slovacek, and Luke Johnson, Hach, Loveland, CO
Discusser: Kelle Zeiher, Garrett-Callahan, Burlingame, CA
IWC 16-16: Is RO Data Normalization Telling Us Anything? (Other than what we already know)
Jason Jacobsen, American Electric Power, Columbus, OH
Discusser: Steven Coker, Dow Water and Process Solutions, Lake Jackson, TX
IWC 16-ReserveRO: High Recovery Osmosis System with Integrated Salt Precipitation Cycle for Industrial Water Treatment Applications
Alex Drak, Ph. D., Roi Zaken, and Tomer Efrat, IDE Technologies, Kadima, Israel
IWC 16-ReserveRO2: New ASD Feed Spacer Geometry Reduces Power Consumption and Bioaccumulation
Dr. Carsten Schellenber and Dr. Stefan Lehmann, Lanxess Deutschland GmbH, Bitterfeld, Germany; Alan D. Sharpe, Lanxess Sybron Chemicals, Inc., Birmingham, NJ