IWC 16-07, 08, 09


IWC 16-07: Chemical Free Disinfection & Dechlorination to protect RO and DemineralizerTreated Boiler Make up
Ytzhak Rozenberg, Atlantium Technologies, LTD., Isreal; Dennis Bitter, Atlantium Technologies, LTD., Sarasota, FL
Discusser: Kristen Jenkins, Southern Research, Cartersville, GA
IWC 16-08: On-Line ppb-Level Chloride and Sulfate Measurement by Micro-Capillary Electrophoresis
Akash Trivedi and David Gray, METTLER TOLEDO Thornton, Inc., Billerica, MA
Discusser: Ken Kuruc, Hach, Medina, OH
IWC 16-09: EDI Versus Convential Resin Cation Exchanges for CACE Measurement in Power Plants: An Ion Chromatography Study
Randy Turner, Swan Analytical USA , Wheeling, IL; Heini Maurer, Dr. Julia Gath, and Dr. Heinz Wagner, Swan Analytische Instrumente AG, Hinwil, Switzerland
Discusser: Vickie Olsen, Honeywell Process Solutions, Sandy Springs, GA