IWC 16-21, 22, 23, 24


IWC 16-21: Water Conservation Utilizing an Innovative Oxidizing Microbicide Program
Darrell Hartwick, Buckman, North Lancaster, ON Canada; Mazhar Warsi, Khurram Shahzad, and Jahangir Kalroo, Buckman Asia, Singapore
Discusser: Orin Hollander, Holland Technologies, Inc., Jamison, PA
IWC 16-22: Detection, Management and Restoration of Cooling Waters Experiencing Inleakage in the Hydrocarbon Refining Industry
Edward Beardwood, Solenis LLC, Wilmington, DE; Christopher Baron, Solenis LLC, Wilmington, DE
Discusser: Christopher Nalepa, Albemarle Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA
IWC 16-23: Reduction on Water Consumption on a Cooling Tower With the Application of a Novel Biocide
Anderson Beber, Solenis LLC, São Paulo, SP Brazil
Discusser: HG Sanjay, Bechtel Corporation, Reston, VA
IWC 16-24: Non-Oxidizing Biocides for Biofouling Control in Industrial Water Systems
Brian Corbin, Dow Microbial Control, Collegeville, PA
Discusser: Christopher Baron, ChemTreat, Newark, DE