IWC 16-25, 26, 27, 28


IWC 16-25: Silica Management in Water Treatment –the last frontier
Jasbir S. Gill, Nalco Champion, an Ecolab company, Naperville, IL
Discusser: Kevin Drake, Drake Water Treatment Consulting, Calgary, AB Canada
IWC 16-26: Impact of pH on Silica Removal Using Magnesium Oxide Chemistry at an Oil & Gas Water Reclamation Facility in California
John Korpiel and Kashi Banerjee, Veolia Water Technologies, Moon Township, PA; Lnsp Nagghappan, Veolia Water Technologies, Brea, CA; Bruce Bishop, Benoit Tranape, and Tracey Williams, Veolia Water Technologies, Waltham, MA; Harry Wojnar and Dwight Ferguson, Veolia North America, San Luis Obispo, CA
Discusser: Rudy Tamayo, Solaris Management Consultants, Surrey, BC Canada
IWC 16-27: Zeta Potential and Coagulant Pre-Screening Test Method of Produced Water in SAGD/CSS Water
René Bélanger, P.Eng., Baker Hughes, Sturgeon County, AB Canada; Daniel Di Bon, P. Eng., Baker Hughes, Calgary, AB Canada; Edward J. Van Doorn, Ph. D., Baker Hughes, Blind Bay, BC Canada
Discusser: Chris Graham, Purolite, Calgary, AB Canada
IWC 16-28: High Flux Membrane Filtration for Oil Water Separation
James Peters, PPG Industries, Monroeville, PA
Discusser: Darrell Hartwick, Buckman, North Lancaster, ON Canada
IWC 16-ReservePWConditioning: Produced Water Treatment Technologies for Hydraulic Fracturing
Anne Wrobetz, EIT, Navigant Research, Boulder, Colorado