IWC 16-37, 38, 39, 40


IWC 16-37: Monitoring Industrial Steam Properties at a Tanzanian Sugar Mill
David Daniels, M&M Engineering Associates, Leander, TX
Discusser: David Clayton, PPM Services, Inc., South Houston, TX
IWC 16-38: Monitoring Industrial Steam Purity: Why Wait?
Eric Kangas and Tony Banweg, NALCO Water, an Ecolab Company, Naperville, IL
Discusser: James Faust, Texas Municipal Power Agency, Anderson, TX
IWC 16-39: Repeat Cycle Chemistry Situations: Precursors to Future Damage in Industrial Utility Plants
Kevin Shields, Athlon Solutions, Manchester, MD
Discusser: Gene Cotton, MECO; George Bodman Inc., Vidor, TX
IWC 16-40: Industrial Power Plant Turbine Generator Retrofit Project
David Cline, Sheppard T Powell Associates, LLC, Baltimore, MD; Bryan Martin, Westervelt Lumber, Moundville, AL
Dscusser: Philip Hazen, Waterworks Services, Pasadena, TX