IWC 16-49, 50, 51, 52


IWC 16-49: Industrial Waste Water Recycling and Energy Conservation Using High Temperature, RO Membranes
Rich Franks, Joshua de la Cruz, and Craig Bartels, Hydranautics, Oceanside, CA; Gerry Van Gils, Kemco, Clearwater, FL
Discusser: Jane Kucera, Nalco Water/An Ecolab Company, Naperville, IL
IWC 16-50: Treatment with Microfiber Cloth, Ultrafiltration, and Double-Pass Reverse Osmosis Allows Reuse of High-Salinity Industrial Wastewater
Dave Holland, Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc., Loves Park, IL; Anthony Rogers, The Lubrizol Corporation, Deer Park, TX
Discusser: Loraine Huchler, MarTech Systems, Inc., Lawrenceville, NJ
IWC 16-51: First-of-a-Kind Modular Brine Crystallization System
Charlotte Bessiere and William Shaw, Veolia Water Technologies, Plainfield, IL
Discusser: HG Sanjay, Bechtel Corporation, Reston, VA
IWC 16-52: Improvements in Electrodialysis Performance, Module Construction and System Design Flexibility
Jonathan Wood, Michael Shaw, and Patrick Buzzell, Evoqua Water Technologies, Lowell, MA
Discusser: Harry Cummings, Graver Water, New Providence, NJ