IWC 16-57, 58, 59, 60


IWC 16-57: An ELG-Ready Water Balance
Jason Monnell, HC Liang, and Frank Johns, TetraTech, Denver, CO; Farley Wood, Katie Pugh, and Jonathan Shimko, Tetra Tech, Pittsburgh, PA
Discusser: Brianna Wallace, Geosyntec, Greenville, SC
IWC 16-58: Paste Application for the Sustainable Management of Coal-Fired Power Plant’s Waste
Sue Longo, P.Eng. and Quintero, P.Eng., Golder Associates, Calgary, AB, Canada; Corne Pretorius, M.Sc., Golder Associates, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Discusser: Chris Haussmann, Water Systems Specialists, Inc., Seattle, WA
IWC 16-59: WFGD Sulfite Control at Seminole Electric’s Palatka Station Improves Trace Elements in the Waste Water Stream
Raymond Gansley, General Electric, Knoxville, TN; Troy Patton, Seminole Electric, Palatka, FL; Rikard Hakansson, General Electric, Vaxjo, Sweden
Discusser: John Van Gehuchten, HDR Engineering Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
IWC 16-60: Evaluation of Chemical Inclusion Process for Heavy Metals Immobilization in Flue Gas Desulfurization Wastewater through Ettringite and Monophase Formation
Phani Peddi, Jay Renew, and Kristen Jenkins, Southern Research, Cartersville, GA; Chethan Acharya, Southern Company, Birmingham, AL
Discusser: Dale Timmons, NAES Corporation, Issaquah, WA