IWC 16-65, 66, 67, 68


IWC 16-65: Wastewater Treatment Plant Startup Issues at a New Beef Packing Plant
Chris Malinowski, HDR, Houston, TX
Discusser: Kenny Chen, Fluor Enterprises, Inc., Aliso Viejo, CA
IWC 16-66: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Removal from Industrial Wastewater using a MBR/Ozone Advanced Treatment
Abigail Antolovich, P.E., Xylem, Denver, CO; Greg Claffey, Xylem, Charlotte, NC; Achim Ried and Christoph Kullmann, Xylem, Herford, Germany
Discusser: Jofre Santos, Jr., Wunderlich-Malec Engineering, Green Bay, WI
IWC 16-67: Temporary Phenol Oxidation Program to Support a Refinery Aeration Basin Turn Around – Lab Treatability Testing Through Successful Full Scale Implementation – A Case Study
Michael Fagan and George Deshinsky, USP Technologies, Atlanta, GA; Timothy Ruth and Craig Anderson, United Refining Company, Warren, PA
Discusser: Americus Mitchell, Fluor, Spring, TX
IWC 16-68: Selenium Removal from Refinery Wastewater Using Immobilized Cell Bioreactor Technology
Rachel Hanson, Honeywell UOP, Englewood, CO; Bill Sheridan and Steve Lupton, Honeywell UOP, Des Plaines, IL
Discusser: Ramesh Kalluri, Kalluri Group, Inc., Houston, TX
IWC 16-ReserveIWastewater: Anaerobic Treatment for Industrial Wastewater – Critical Factors for a Successful Start-Up and Operation
Francis J. DeOrio, O’Brien & Gere, Syracuse, NY; Sara Martin, P.E., Critical Path Engineering Solutions, PLLC, Cazenovia, NY