IWC 16-69, 70, 71, 72


IWC 16-69: New Low and No Hardness Cooling Water Corrosion Inhibitor
David Fulmer, Baker Hughes, Sugar Land, TX; Mary Jane Felipe, Baker Hughes, Sugar Land, TX; Khac Nguyen, Baker Hughes, Sugar Land, TX
Discusser: Charles Kuhfeldt, Athlon Solutions, Houston, TX
IWC 16-70: Elimination of Side Stream Softening in a Power Plant Reclaim Water Application: Novel Terpolymer, Simulation and Planning Control Calcium Phosphate Deposition
Caroline Sui, Jeff Melzer, and Eric Thungstrom, GE Power, Water & Process Technologies, Trevose, PA
Discusser: Loraine Huchler, MarTech Systems, Inc., Lawrenceville, NJ
IWC 16-71: Surface Characterization of Interfacial Layers to Study the Performance and Evolution of Phosphate Based Programs in Cooling Water Applications
Claudia Pierce and Paul Frail, GE Power, Water & Process Technologies, Trevose, PA; Gilad Zorn and Reza Sharghi-Moshtahin, GE Global Research Center, Niskayuna, NY
Discusser: Don Akers, Marathon Petroleum, Ashland, KY
IWC 16-72: In Search of Synergy
Robert Ferguson, French Creek Software, Inc., Phoenixville, PA
Discusser: Walker Garrison, Valero Energy, San Antonio, TX