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ACE Mentor Program

The ACE Mentor Program provides high school students the opportunity to connect with professionals in the ACE industry.

Volunteers are asked to:

  • Share their knowledge and skills with the students
  • Participate in events including design of hypothetical projects, tours of local construction sites, trades exhibitions, office tours, etc.
  • Convey their experiences throughout college and the workforce
  • Explain various disciplines within the ACE industry to give students a broad understanding of the many fields of study/expertise
  • Help students build skills and develop short-term and long-term
    study and career goals

This is a great opportunity to join a new chapter and make a difference in the lives of young people. These young people are the future of the ACE Industry!

For more information, please visit the ACE Mentor   website           Twitter Page



View a promotional video about ACE:  (click picture below, directs you to youtube)


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