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Session Management / Speaker’s Reference Page

The following documents are provided for your use and reference.  Please review all info that pertains to your position.


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TIMER Instructions


Session Management References

IWC Representative Guidelines


Session Chair Important Dates
Session Chair Guidelines
Session Introductions Template


Discussion Leader Confirmation
Discussion Leader Important Dates
Discussion Leader Guidelines


Author References

Author Important Dates

Speaker Form / 75 word Abstract

General Author Instructions

Preprint and Paper Guidelines

Paper Format Template –¬†PDF¬† ¬†WORD

Authors’ Closure TemplatePDF¬† ¬†WORD

Reserve Author Important Dates

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Discusser References

Discusser Confirmation Form – Fill out form to confirm your participation
Discusser Important Dates
Discusser Guidelines
Discusser Paper Format Template РPDF    WORD


Workshop Instructor References

Workshop Instructor Important Dates
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Poster Presenter References

Poster Guidelines



Commercialism/Marketing Policy








PowerPoint Presentation References

Presentation Guidelines  (pdf)

Choose from one of the 4 templates (16:9 format) below: (click on picture to download template) (coming soon)





General Reminders:

Papers should not be a copy of a previous presentation made at another conference or published in a trade journal.

Use the provided PowerPoint Template for your presentation, and the Microsoft Word Document Template for Preprint & Proceedings Publication. Please note: The use of a corporate affiliation is permitted one time only as an initial reference. Thereafter the company should be referred to as *the Company* or *the Organization*. This includes within the Abstract, Body and Acknowledgment sections of the Paper as well as on any slides to be used for the Conference. The use of a corporate logo is permitted only once in the presentation, on the opening or first slide. The remaining slides should not have the company’s name or logos.

The Conference Schedule is very full and you will help your Session Chair, yourself and your audience by not exceeding your allotted time:

  • 25 minutes for a PAPER
  • 10 minutes for a DISCUSSION
  • 5 minutes for an AUTHOR’s CLOSURE (optional)
  • 10 minutes for Q&A

Design your presentation based on the audio visual equipment available. All session rooms will be set up with computer and projector to handle PowerPoint Presentations displayed through a LCD Projector.

All presentations are combined onto one computer provided by IWC during the session. Therefore, your Session Chair  and Conference Manager will need your PowerPoint/Slide presentation by the published due date.

Speakers must register through the normal registration process. Please note there are no special discount speaker rates.

Each speaker is responsible for his/her own lodging and travel arrangements. There is a block of rooms available (coming soon) at the conference hotel.

As a presenting author, you are requested to attend the Speakers’ Breakfast on the morning of your presentation. This networking opportunity will allow you to meet your Session Chair and fellow speakers in a relaxed and social atmosphere before your session. Please take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding how the session will be managed. Each session will have its own table and the conference staff will guide you to your table.

Audio/Visual Equipment provided for your Presentation Standard in every room:

Video Projection System (for computer-based presentations)
Screen, Laser Pointer & Timer
Lectern with microphone
Floor microphones (for audience questions)
A Computer with Presentation software

NOT Available

A second Video Projection System
Blackboards, flip charts and/or easels


Commercialism / Marketing Policy

Presentations Are To Be Non-Commercial
Unless specifically designated, IWC Technical Sessions are noncommercial forums. Under no circumstances should the session podium be used as a place for promotion of a speaker‚Äôs product, service, or monetary self‚Äźinterest.

In written presentations, the use of a corporate affiliation or proprietary products is permitted one time only as an initial reference. Thereafter the company or product should be referred to as *the Company* or *the Product* throughout the Abstract, Body, and Acknowledgment sections of the Paper as well as on any Power Point slides presented at the Conference. The use of a corporate logo is permitted only once, preferably on the opening or first slide. NOTE: Any such commercial reference must not appear in the title of the paper, or title page of the paper.

Presentations Are To Be Professional
Presenters from any session podium shall refrain from overt statements or pointed humor which disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group.

As stated on the Abstract Submittal form the IWC reserves the right of First Publication of any papers accepted for Presentation. If an author has a paper accepted for presentation, he / she must not submit it elsewhere for publication without the written consent of the IWC Committee. Upon publication by IWC, the paper becomes the copyright property of IWC. By accepting the invitation to present at the IWC, the Author acknowledges his / her intent to submit the Presentation for publication and obtain the required permissions and consents. The Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania, sponsoring organization of the International Water Conference, is the copyright owner of the Preprint, the final presentation and paper, and of the prepared discussion thereof.