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IWC Merit Award

Each year, the International Water Conference® presents the Annual Merit Award to honor outstanding individuals in the field of industrial water technology. This award is presented during the Opening Ceremonies of the Conference to an individual selected from a list of nominees recommended by the Advisory Council and the IWC Executive Committee.



Qualifications for the Award include:

  • Being recognized as a leader in a water-related field of activity.
  • Personally having made or inspired others to make major contributions in pertinent water-related technology or its application.
  • Having actively contributed to the advancement of the IWC in the form of papers, discussions, committee participation, etc.


2024 – Michael J. Soller, P.E., DBIA
2023 – Donald Downey
2022 – Brad Buecker
2021 – Jane Kucera
2020 – Dan Sampson
2019 – William Kennedy
2018 – Peter Meyers
2017 – John Schubert
2016 – Colleen Scholl
2015 – Edward Beardwood
2014 – Dennis McBride
2013 – Bradley D. Wolf
2012 – Dan Rice
2011 – Deborah Bloom
2010 – Kumar Sinha
2009 – James Bellows
2008 – Robert Holloway
2007 – Michael Gottlieb
2006 – Alroy Aschoff
2005 – Andrew Calderwood
2004 – Malcolm Clemens
2003 – Wayne Micheletti
2002 – Alan Smith
2001 – Robert Cunningham
2000 – Edward Geishecker
1999 – Richard W. Lutey
1998 – James Robinson
1997 – James C. Dromgoole

1996 – Joseph Loftis
1995 – Wayne E. Bernahl
1994 – Paul R. Puckorius
1993 – David E. Simon II
1992 – Edward Maziarz
1991 – J. Fred Wilkes
1990 – Jesse S. Beecher
1989 – Michael C. Skriba
1988 – Richard Hetherington
1987 – Frank Z. McGarvey
1986 – Ray Baum
1985 – Frederick J. Pocock
1984 – Sallie Fisher
1983 – George J. Crits
1982 – Walter Zabban
1981 – Irving M. Abrams
1980 – Paul Goldstein
1979 – Robert Kunin
1978 – H.A. Grabowski
1977 – Louis F. Wirth, Jr.
1976 – Joseph Thompson
1975 – Paul Cohen
1974 – James K. Rice
1973 – Michael D. Baker
1972 – S.B. Applebaum
1971 – S.F. Whirl
1970 – William M. Porter



IWC Paul Cohen Award

As a memorial to Paul Cohen and his contributions to the power generation industry, each year the International Water Conference® proudly recognizes the author of the most precise and innovative presentation in the field of power systems water technology presented at the most recent IWC. We are proud to recognize the following award recipients:


George Patrick, Veolia WTS
IWC 23-35: Film Forming Products: Application, Corrosion Reduction, Layup Benefits, and Heat Transfer Improvement

Mahesh Budhathoki, Ph.D., SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions
IWC 21-25: Amine-based Filmer Chemistry for Boilers with Improved Water Solubility and Performance

Colleen M. Scholl, P.E., HDR
IWC 20-58: The Value (and the Challenges) of Corrosion Transport Monitoring

Ken Kuruc, Hach
IWC 19-03: On-Line Iron Studies using a Film Forming Product and a Film Forming Amine

Kevin Brown, U.S. Water, St. Michael, MN
IWC 18-32: Decreasing Filterable Iron Levels in an Air-cooled Condenser at a Combined Cycle Power Plant

Akash Trivedi, METTLER TOLEDO Thornton, Inc., Billerica, MA
IWC 17-11: Case Study: On-Line Chloride and Sulfate Measurement  by Microfluidic Capillary Electrophoresis

Randy Turner, Swan Analytical USA, Wheeling, IL
IWC 16-09: EDI Versus Convential Resin Cation Exchanges for CACE Measurement in Power Plants: An Ion Chromatography Study

James Bellows, James Bellows and Associates, Maitland, FL
IWC 15-25: Chemical Processes in Steam Turbines

James Robinson, GE Water & Process Technologies, Trevose, PA
IWC 14-27: The Effects of Ammonia and Organic Amines on the Water Chemistry of Gas Turbine Heat Recovery, Steam Generators, and Associated Equipment

David Moed, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands
IWC 13-75: The Influence of System Parameters on TOC Degradation

Brad Buecker, Kiewit Power Engineers, Lenexa, KS
IWC 12-19: The Continuing Crusade Against Oxygen Scavenger Use in All-Ferrous Steam Generators

Dr. Kenneth Ogan, Advanced MicroLabs in Fort Collins, CO
IWC 11-17:  Monitoring of Trace Levels of Ions in the Steam Cycle by Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis

Robin Kluck , GE Water & Process Technologies, Trevose, PA
IWC 10-61: Experiences Using Neutralizing Amines to Control pH and Minimize FAC in a Combined-Cycle Power Plant

David Daniels, M&M Engineering,
IWC 09-31: A Review of Hydrogen Damage and Phosphate Gouging Corrosion Mechanisms

Robert D. Bartholomew, Sheppard T. Powell Associates, Baltimore Maryland.
IWC 08-13: An Introduction to Alkalinity Limits for Boiler Water Treatment and serving as Session Chair and Discusser in the Panel on “Commissioning High Pressure Power Plants,” which included papers IWC 08-61 and  IWC 08-62.

Ms. Kathi Kirschenheiter, Mr. Michael Chuk, Ms. Colleen Layman, Mr.  Kumar Sinha
IWC 07-13: Controlling Chemistry during Startup and Commissioning of Once-Through Supercritical Boilers: An Overview from the EPC Contractor’s Perspective

Luis Carvalho, P.Eng, GE Water & Process Technologies, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
IWC 06-30: Is Cation Conductivity Monitoring Relevant for Today’s Combined Cycle Power Plant

Stefan Huber, Ph.D., DOC-LABOR Dr. Huber, Eisenbahnstr. 36,
IWC 05-58: Origin and Behavior of Non-Ionic Natural Organic Matter (NOM) in Boiler Feed Water

Albert Bursik, PowerPlant Chemistry GmbH
IWC 04-38: Application of a Non-Traditional Polyamine/Amine Treatment in High Pressure Drum Boiler Systems

Michael Rootham, Mike Rootham & Associates
IWC 03-12: Amine Use in Steam Water Cycles and Boilers – The State of Our Knowledge

David M. Smyth
IWC 02-10: Plant Construction and Commissioning – A Manufacturer’s Viewpoint of Pre-operational Cleaning

Martin Godfrey, ONDEO Nalco Chemical Company, Naperville, IL
IWC 01-25: Stability of Organic Boiler Internal Treatments in the Presence of Dissolved Oxygen

Robert Holloway
IWC 00-31: The Importance of Boiler Feedwater Purity

James Robinson, Betz Dearborn

Mel J. Esmacher, P.E. Betz Dearborn, The Woodlands, TX
IWC 98-03: Avoiding Potential Problems in Diagnosing Boiler Tube Failure Mechanisms

Torry Tvedt, Puckorius & Associates, Angleton, TX & Harold Chagnard, Dow Chemical Co., Plaquemine, LA
IWC 97-56: Pathology of Single-Phase Flow Assisted Corrosion Failures in Industrial Boilers

Jan Stodola, Ontario Hydro & Dr. Peter Tremaine, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Jim Bellows, James Bellows and Associates, Maitland, FL


Technical Paper Awards

The following awards are to be presented annually to an IWC presenting author (or authors) who best exemplifies the goal of clearly communicating new information, or a new understanding about a significant aspect of water use or water chemistry, or best enhances the knowledge that enables effective utilization of water in industry or another use that benefits humanity.

First Time Presenter Award


Stan Barskov, Halliburton Multi-Chem
IWC 23-52: The Use of Definitive Screening Design (DSD) to Understand the Impact of Water Composition, Operating Conditions and Non-Phosphorus Corrosion Inhibitor Dosages on Carbon Steel Corrosion in Circulating Cooling Water Systems

Valéri Léveillé, P.E., Ph.D, WSP
IWC 22-71: Electrochemical Destruction of PFAS in Concentrated Waste Streams

Derek Mandel, P.Chem, Saltworks
IWC 21-24: 99% Recovery of Scaling Cooling Tower Blowdown with a Reverse Osmosis Membrane Demonstration Plant

Adam Sutherland, P.E., Stantec
IWC 20-66: Controlling Oxidation Air in an FGD Absorber as a Means to Simplify Wastewater Treatment

Christopher Stanfill, Arcadis
IWC 19-53: Treatment of Aerospace Machining and Inspection Wastewater

Rebeccah Chapman
IWC 18-59: Overcoming Challenges in Biological Treatment of Selenium Containing Wastewaters by Advancements in Bioreactor Design

Chad Roby, P.E., BCEE, Jacobs Engineering (formally CH2M)
IWC 17-59: Closing the Bottom Ash Loop – Pilot Testing Treatment and Reuse for FGD Makeup


Best Overall Paper


Tamim Popalzai, Fluor
IWC 23-48: Using Economic Modeling to Evaluate Recovery of Product Water and Mineral Salts from Brine Streams

Craig R. Bartels, Ph.D., Hydranautics
IWC 22-34: New Approaches for Membrane-Based Ocean Mining of Sodium Chloride for Chloralkali Feedstock

Richard Franks, Hydranautics
IWC 21-21: Benefits of Operating the First Membrane Systems Utilizing New Thin-Membrane Technology

Colleen M. Scholl, P.E., HDR
IWC 20-58: The Value (and the Challenges) of Corrosion Transport Monitoring

Robert Bartholomew, P.E., Sheppard T. Powell Associates, LLC
IWC 19-13: Mechanical and Operating Problems with Deaerators

Shannon Brown, Monsanto
IWC 18-40: Learnings from Phased Installation of a Permeable Reactive Barrier for Mine Water Treatment

Dan Sampson, HDR
IWC 17-63: A Rock and a Hard Place – Managing use of Ammonia-laden Recycled Water



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