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2018 Program

To showcase the content offered at the Conference, below are the presentations from the 2018 Brownfields Conference.

Attendees listen at one of the sessions of the 2018 Conference



Monday, October 1, 2018    (Available PDF Presentations are listed next to Title)

EPA Region 2 All Brownfield Grantee Meeting

Mobile Workshop: Brewing Brownfields Back to Life

Mobile Workshop: Big Machines, Big Industry

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Brownfields 101 Workshop (Presentation)

P1: Welcome Plenary

1A: Brownfields to Playfields: Put a Park On It!  (Presentation)

1B: Federal Cleanup Programs in the New Administration  (Presentation)

1C: Redeveloping Brownfields with Art, Entertainment and Innovation

Keynote Session (Presentation)

2A: Community Involvement  (Presentation)

2B: Environmental Sustainability: Planning for Smart Growth  (Presentation)

2C: Update on Vapor Intrusion Issues in Brownfields Development

3A: Downstream Shale-Manufacturing Opportunities For Brownfield Redevelopment  (Presentation)

3B: Brownfields for Sale (Presentation)

3C: Brownfields Revitalization & Environmental Justice for All (Presentation)

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

4A: PFAS Primer for Brownfields Development (Presentation)

4B: TIF Trends: Policy and Practice (Presentation Moser)  (Presentation Pehur)

4C: Green Infrastructure on Brownfields  (Presentation)

5A: Brownfields Renaissance: Lehigh Valley Spotlight

5B: Managing Environmental Risks During Redevelopment  (Presentation Kokas) (Presentation Maxwell)

5C: Technical Aspects of Developing Brownfields for Industrial Use

6A: Urban Brownfields to Community Trails (Presentation Kleiner)  (Presentation McNamara)

6B: We built it. They came. We rebuilt it. They came. We reinvented it. They came in droves. Managing Change, Preparing for the Future and Being Cool About It

6C: Don’t Let Redevelopment Happen To You! (Presentation)

Economic Forecast and Closing Remarks

Workshop: Winning EPA Brownfield Grants – Tips and Tricks for Success (Presentation)


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