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Featured State Session

Monday, June 12, 2023 – 1:30 PM

Introduction to CDOT and it’s Structures Program
Michael Collins, State Bridge Engineer, Colorado DOT

Introduction to Colorado’s bridge program and the state inventory.

Statewide Bridge and Tunnel Enterprise
Patrick Holinda, Bridge and Tunnel Enterprise Program Manager, Colorado DOT

In 2009, the Colorado State Legislature formed the legacy Bridge Enterprise to address the growing population of poor-rated bridges statewide. Subsequently, the Enterprise’s scope was expanded to address the growing repair and maintenance backlog at Colorado’s complex tunnel facilities in 2021. This presentation will explore how the Enterprise has been leveraged to improve Colorado’s bridge performance and safety through the adoption of program management best practices and use of innovative contracting, project delivery, and materials.

Tunnel Asset Program
Tyler Weldon, Tunnel Asset Manager and BTE Deputy Manager, Colorado DOT

In 2016, CDOT developed a tunnel specific asset program to create a category to fund needed capital investment.  The on-system tunnel network has 20 tunnels and 37,494 linear feet to manage.  The program leverages the NTI inspection data to determine the life cycle of the assets, determining the owner and operation need, and in supporting the asset modeling to create capital project lists.  CDOT will share lessons learned on asset management development and strategies to identify and prioritize investments.

Bridge Bundling Strategies
Patrick Holinda, Bridge and Tunnel Enterprise Program Manager, and Michael Collins, State Bridge Engineer, Colorado DOT

CDOT is employing bridge bundling at an increasing rate to complete bridge projects in an cost-effective manner, accelerate the completion of safety critical bridge projects, navigate funding challenges, and build coalitions between various internal and external stakeholders. This presentation will explore several project case studies and provide examples of how bridge bundling criteria can be tailored to identify projects which will achieve programmatic goals.

Denver Metro Mega Projects Central 70/Floyd Hill
Robert Hays, Central 70 Project Director, Stacia Sellers, Central 70 Communications Manager, and Stephen Harelson, Chief Engineer, Colorado DOT

Crumbling bridges that no longer meet the demands of traffic on some of Colorado’s most highly traveled interstates pose serious disruptions to the economy, emergency response and surrounding communities. CDOT is addressing these concerns not just by reconstructing infrastructure, but also by bringing communities to the forefront. This presentation will discuss how two of CDOT’s major projects are addressing structurally deficient bridges while ensuring minimal impacts to the public and environment, and adding unprecedented community commitments.

Grand Ave Bridge/ Glenwood Canyon Resiliency
Roland Wagner, Central Program Engineer, Colorado DOT

Glenwood Springs is a historic resort town nestled in the mountains of northwest Colorado and is home to the Grand Avenue Bridge project which required extensive community collaboration. This area is prone to natural disasters that are exacerbated by prolonged regional drought.  The 2020 Grizzly Creek wildfire which paved the way for the  2021 mudslides required complex engineering responses to reopen I-70 in Glenwood Canyon.