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Preliminary 2021 PDH Boot Camp Program Abstracts

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Alicia McConnell, Michael Baker International

Title: UAS Recommendations for PennDOT’s Bridge Inspection Program

Abstract: This presentation will summarize the results of PennDOT’s UAS research by testing six airframes for bridge inspection capabilities. Participants will benefit from this program’s lessons learned, as more owners look to leverage this new technology and implement similar programs to better manage their bridge assets.


Jeff Tornatore, Michael Baker International

Title: Terrestrial Remote Sensing: LiDAR Solutions for ADA Compliance

Abstract: Capitalizing on previous advancements in sensor design and 3D Modeling successes, Mobile LiDAR provides innovative opportunity to support today’s critical infrastructure and ADA assessments while creating a pathway for the sustainable designs of tomorrow. This session will highlight terrestrial remote sensing technology and the innovative solutions to streamline ADA curb ramp and sidewalk compliance assessments and prioritize capital investments via spatial analysis.


Nicole Mangino, AXA XL

Title: Choose Your Own Ethics Adventure

Abstract: Participants will review NSPE/ASCE professional rules of ethics. We will discuss the rationale behind the rules and review some real life situations allowing participants to understand the context that ethical issues arise. The “choose your own adventure” will walk participants through options of how to handle real life scenarios and familiarize the with the application of professional responsibility rules applicable to engineers


Gennaro Marino, Marino Engineering Associates, Inc.

Title: GeoConstruction Problems – What Went Wrong?

Abstract: This presentation will provide an overview on various ways that a geoconstruction project can go wrong. This overview will be illustrated with salient case history examples which the presenter has been involved in over his almost 40 years of conducting geoforensic investigations. MEA has been involved in cases which involved claims of up to about $1 billion dollars. Also discussed will be the objectives in performing a forensic investigation, and the key factors in performing such an investigation. The presentation will conclude with a summary of key points when encountering geo-construction difficulties. Although this presentation concerns geoconstruction, principles discussed would apply to other areas of engineering.


Matt Nieman, Borton-Lawson

Title: Work Plans: Use a single program for tasks, deadlines, hours, and dollars

Abstract: “Most Project Managers are familiar with Critical-Path-Method (CPM) scheduling using MS Project, Primavera, Asta Powerproject, etc. software.

Regardless of what software you are using the rules of CPM and task sequencing are universal.

If you have built a schedule (created tasks and sequenced them to eachother so that the software calculates dates) and you’re interested in taking these schedules a further; than this demonstration and discussion is for you.

The demonstration (using Microsoft Project) will focus on assigning staff and hours (and thus $/hour) to create a Work Plan that provides more than just Gantt Charts. When resources (staff, sub-consultants, and expenses) are added; it opens up other Reports such as, Projected Cash Flow and Cost-Breakdowns by Discipline.”


Leon Jeziorski III, PE, PTOE, Michael Baker International and Jason Molinero, Allegheny County Department of Public Works

Title: Allegheny County Road Diet – Springhill Road

Abstract: “Allegheny County’s road diet project of Springhill Road was executed to provide enhanced pedestrian and bicyclist connectivity along Springhill Road between Natrona, Alsco Community Park, and the neighborhoods and businesses along Freeport Road in Natrona Heights located in northeastern Allegheny County. This project is part of a master plan to expand the Three Rivers Heritage Trail system.

The road diet transitioned a low volume four lane roadway to a two and three lane roadway with a pedestrian and bicycle side path. This was achieved by means of full depth reconstruction of a relocated curb line and by signage, pavement markings, and delineation. The project also improved traffic flow and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists along Springhill Road.”


Charles Gerbe, Total Equipment Company

Title: VFD’s for Pumps-Benefits, Savings, and Limitations

Abstract: Presenter will discuss a wide range of topics regarding the application of VFD’s for centrifugal pumps. Key take away will include 1) estimating savings, 2)when VFD should be used vs trimming impellers, 3) predicting off speed performance using Affinity Laws, limitations of VFD’s, and how VFD’s improve reliability.


Joe Duckett, EJD Consulting

Title: Environmental Concerns and Project Engineering

Abstract: Almost every project engineer or manager has to contend with “environmental” factors, which can motivate, restrict, accelerate or justify their projects. We’ll review the complex ways in which environmental issues affect projects and discuss some counter-intuitive real world experiences. We’ll point out the varied skills involved in managing environmental aspects of projects. We’ll suggest several simple steps to successfully streamline the environmental regulatory and approval process, thereby controlling scope, schedule and costs. These steps involve virtually all project participants. Special emphasis will be on air pollution control regulations but other fields of environmental engineering will also be covered (water, wastewater, wetlands, erosion control, etc.).


Drew Ferrence, Total Equipment Company

Title: The Compressed Air System

Abstract: The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the different technologies, their operation, and application within the compressed air industry. Topics such as oil free, contact cooled, and centrifugal compressors as well as desiccant and refrigerated dryer technologies will be covered. The presentation also discusses storage and controls as well.