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IWC Paul Cohen Award



Grading Sheet / Instructions   (excel)


Paper # Session Name, Company Paper Title
33 T2 PDF PPT Loraine Huchler, MarTech Systems Passivation in Steam Generating Systems
34 T2 PDF PPT Kevin Boudreaux, ChemTreat Identifying and Understanding Boiler Carry-Over and Carry-Under
35 T2 PDF PPT George Patrick, Veolia WTS Film Forming Products:  Application, Corrosion Reduction, Layup Benefits, and Heat Transfer Improvement
58 T8 PDF PPT Jacob Tilly, Veolia Modeling Software for Predicting Steam System Chemistry in Today’s Applications
59 T8 PDF PPT Dale Stuart, ChemTreat A Holistic Approach to Iron Transport Using FFA and its Comparison to Polymeric Iron Transport
60 T8 PDF PPT Martin Godfrey, ChampionX Successful use of Produced Water Distillate as Feedwater for High Pressure Drum Boilers