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“Best of IBC” Webinar Series

The Best of IBC Webinar Series is a great way to preview the high quality technical content presented at the International Bridge Conference® and attendees can earn 1 PDH credit.

It is FREE to attend, but registration is required for pdh certification.  Multiple viewers on one computer will be required to sign in on the required form distributed at the webinar.

 Liberty Bridge

Thursday, March 22, 2018 – Noon-1:00 pm EST – Register Here

Title: “IBC 17-07: Liberty Bridge Fire & Emergency: Initial Response and Monitoring Plan”

Nick Burdette, P.E., Roger Eaton, P.E., and Nick Cervo, P.E., HDR Engineering

 As the designer for the rehabilitation work, HDR worked with PennDOT District 11 and several other consultants and universities to orchestrate an emergency repair of the truss. This repair required jacking the damaged bridge chord axially, laterally, and locally. This presentation will focus on the initial damage assessment, initial 3D modeling of the fire-damaged spans, development of the jacking frame concept, and development of the bridge monitoring plan used during jacking.

Title: “IBC 17-05: Emergency Repair of Fire Damage to Liberty Bridge Truss in Pittsburgh”

Jonathan Moses, P.E., Louis Ruzzi, P.E., PennDOT District 11-0

On September 2, 2016 a fire ignited on the Liberty Bridge in Pittsburgh, PA. The bridge was undergoing a two-year, $80 million rehab when sparks ignited piping and tarps that were on the paint containment system. As a result, a bottom chord member buckled due to the intense heat and sustained dead load. Department, contractor, and consultant personnel worked around the clock to develop and implement a repair to reopen the bridge to traffic in 24 days. This paper gives an overall view of the incident, PennDOT’s response and incident management.

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Inspection Analysis

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 – Noon – 1:00pm EST – Register Here

Title: “IBC 17-95: Bayonne Bridge Raise the Roadway Project”

Roger Haight, P.E., Matthew Spoth, P.E., WSP, and Chester Werts, P.E., S.E., HDR Engineering

The Bayonne Bridge Navigation Clearance Program raises the roadway of the existing Bayonne Bridge to provide 215 feet of navigational clearance. The project rehabilitates the original 1931 steel arch bridge and replaces the aging approach structures on existing alignment using phased structure construction to maintain two lanes of traffic at all times. The presentation includes a brief overview of the arch design and construction, but focuses mainly on the new precast segmental approach structures replacement.

Title: “IBC 17-29: Rehabilitative Design and Construction of the Main Street Bridge”

Robert Durfee, P.E., SECB, DuBois & King, Inc., and Eric Ohanian, P.E., Tighe & Bond

The Main Street Bridge consists of three independent superstructures. After decades of heavy winter-time salt-usage and differential movement, the bridge required extensive rehabilitation due to heavy corrosion of deck, stringer, joint, and bearing components. Design included partial replacement of steel girders, framing, and deck modifications to merge the three superstructures into a single structure. Unique construction and traffic phasing minimized business impacts and accommodated cultural and tourist events throughout construction. Total construction cost was $3.4-million.

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