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IBC Session Chair Selection

We are seeking volunteers for Session Chairs for the 2023 IBC.

The requirements are to take ownership of the session during the conference, introduce speakers through their brief bio, take session statistics per paper, and to facilitate Q&A.

Once the Session Chairs have been identified, you are requested to send the authors of your session a brief email introducing yourself and explaining that you will be working with them to prepare for the 2023 IBC. I will provide you with names and emails. After the Preliminary Papers have been submitted to ESWP, they will be separated by session and distributed to the Session Chair. During this time, the session chair will have time to review the papers in their session and provide any comments directly to the Author. Same goes with the PowerPoint Presentations. After you provide your comments on the PowerPoints, the Authors will only have time to make corrections (if needed) and return their FINAL PowerPoints to ESWP. All Final PowerPoints are preloaded on a laptop and placed in each session. If you do NOT have comments or revisions for your Author on either the PPT or Paper, please let them know that. If they don’t hear from you, they get concerned.

Session chairs are also required to come up with a creative session description that utilizes current industry “buzz words” and references the specific projects/papers in the session. We do ask that you have worked closely with the session subject in order to produce a relevant and accurate session description. Once Session Chairs have been identified, we will be asking for these descriptions.

Below is a list of sessions by titles by day.  Check the session you would like to chair.  In the comments field, please write-in a 2nd or 3rd option.

Please note that you must attend the conference in person in order to chair a session.