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H2O Theatre

Talk to the attendees about your ideas for the water industry!

  • Projector, microphone and podium will be provided, bring your own laptop!
  • Presentations will be 25 minutes in length and scheduled every half hour during key times at the conference.
  • The fee to be a part of this exciting opportunity is $200 for exhibitors and $400 for all others. Reserve your time(s) below!

Questions: send an email here.


H2O Theatre Schedule

Click on title for a description of session (pdf, if available)

Monday, November 8

1:30 PM:  Swan Analytical USA, Shaun Sharrett & Mar Nogales

2:00 PM:  Avista Technologies, Mike Graver

2:30 PM:  NX Filtration, Umang Yagnik


Tuesday, November 9

9:00 AM:  American Water Chemicals, Mike Lee

  • Title: Data Normalization and Cleaning Procedures
  • Summary: This Presentation will discuss the value and procedure to normalize data. As well as, developing the optimum cleaning standard operating procedure.

10:00 AM:  NX Filtration, Umang Yagnik

10:30 AM: French Creek Software, Robert Ferguson

3:00 PM: ChemTreat, Prasad Kalakodimi


Wednesday, November 10

9:00 AM:  American Water Chemicals, Melissa Fernandes

  • Title: Iron Fouling Prevention in a Brackish Water RO System
  • Summary: A holistic approach to solve iron fouling issues and proper antiscalant selection for your RO system.


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