Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania


337 Fourth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone: (412) 261-0710 Email: Get Directions

Individual Membership

Members must have a degree in either engineering, architecture or applied science from a nationally accredited institution of higher education or equivalent practical experience.

Become the next member of the ESWP through our DINING MEMBERSHIP.Ā  Affordable annual dues of $50 makes this the perfect time to join ESWP, with NO MONTHLY MINIMUMS.Ā  Itā€™s a great place for group or individual meetings, conference calls, or as a quiet space to get your work completed. Utilize this work space while enjoying complimentary coffee and free wi-fi.

ESWP also offers an associate membership which allows professionals from other disciplines and members of the business community to enjoy the benefits of the society.

The ESWP is committed to attracting the best and brightest engineers in the area. To that end, many technical activities are geared to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of engineers.

ESWP Membership Application

Membership Benefits

All ESWP members enjoy these programs, services and benefits:

  • Reciprocal Club Privileges with the Pittsburgh Athletic Association and 14 other Clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Subscription to the Pittsburgh Engineer Magazine
  • Exceptional Networking Opportunities
  • Eligibility for Participation in ESWP Re-Employment Program
  • Discounted Registration Fees on Technical Programs and Social Events
  • Membership Account Charging Privileges

Membership Classifications

Professional Members

Professional Members shall be graduates with a degree in engineering, architecture or applied sciences from nationally accredited institutions of higher learning or who, in the judgment of the Board, have equivalent practical experience. Professional Members shall have the exclusive right to vote on any ESWP matters and shall be eligible to hold any Society office.

Associate Members

Associate members shall be persons who do not meet the technical requirements for Professional Membership but who, in the judgement of the board will cooperate with members in promoting and supporting the purposes of the society. Associate Members shall not have voting privileges and shall not be eligible to hold an Society office.

Fees & Dues

The entrance fee and dues for membership in the Society shall be as follows:

Membership Classification Entrance Fee Annual Dues
Resident Nonresident
Regular or Associate $55.00 $230.00 $120.00
Government (Full time) $55.00 $50.00 $50.00
*Under age 35 $55.00 $25.00 $25.00
Retired $30.00 $120.00 $95.00
Life $60.00 $60.00
Student $10.00 $0 $0
Dining $55.00 $50.00 $50.00


ESWP Membership Application


The ESWP offers a wide range of monthly technical programs and in-depth seminars oriented toward individual members and technical societies. ESWP members also receive the Pittsburgh Engineer, one of the most respected technical society publications in the country.

The ESWP also sponsors the International Water ConferenceĀ®, the International Bridge ConferenceĀ®, and the Pennsylvania Brownfields Conference. These conferences offer technical sessions and training workshops to engineering professionals.

The ESWP offers its members diverse social activities, such as its annual summer golf outing and winter banquet. Monthly social events include fascinating speaker presentations during luncheons and breakfasts, a holiday party, and a host of other activities.

Many exclusive clubs across the country offer reciprocal usage to ESWP members. See the List of Reciprocal Facilities for more information.