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The IWC Continuing Ed Workshop program is designed to provide practical information that includes a basic understanding of the topic as well as detailed case studies.

Workshops are presented by experts in the field and are loaded with technical content, not sales information. Each workshop will provide an opportunity for a technical exchange between the students, the instructor and other workshop participants. IWC workshops provide attendees four professional development hours (PDHs) and a certificate of completion.

The fee for workshops is $250 each, with a $100 discount for 2 or more.  Purchase the workshop package of 1/1A, 2/2A, 3/3A combination and receive a $150 discount.


Workshops – Schedule at a Glance


Click on workshop title for details 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM 1:00 – 5:00 PM



November 7

W-01: Water Treatment 101

W-02: The Wonderful World of Reverse Osmosis – 2021

W-03: Ion Exchange Technology and Practical Operating Practices

W-04: Wet FGD Chemistry and Operational Impacts on Wastewater Quality Discharge

W-05: Refinery Wastewater Treatment Concepts





November 10

W-01A: Water Treatment 101 – (repeat from Sunday)

W-02A: The Wonderful World of Reverse Osmosis – 2021 – (repeat from Sunday)

W-06: Membrane and Thermal Brine Recovery Systems

W-07: Industrial Water Reuse – New Technologies and Lessons Learned

W-08: Boiler Water Treatment for Industrial Plants

W-09: PFAS Treatment – Analysis, Design, Treatment and Destruction

W-10: Produced Water Society Training Fundamentals of Water Treating, Handling and Management





November 11

W-11: Recovery & Reuse of Produced Water

W-12: Electrodeionization

W-13: Concentrate Management for Industrial Desalination

W-14: Industrial Sedimentation Principles, Practices and Hands-on Experience

W-15: HRSG and High Pressure (>900 PSIG/60 BAR) Boiler Water Treatment and Operation

W-16: Leadership & Career Skills for Tomorrow’s Water Professionals

W-17: Arsenic & Selenium Removal

W-03A: Ion Exchange Technology and Practical Operating Practices (repeat from Sunday)

W-18: Coagulation and Flocculation: Theory, Practice, and Examples

W-19: UF, RO and EDI Maintenance and Cleaning

W-20: Cooling Water – Water Systems – How to Successfully go From Fresh Makeup Water to Recycled Waters

W-21: MVR Vapor Compressor Technologies: Descriptions, Comparisons, Troubleshooting, & How to Evaluate Differences, Options, and Best Fit for Your Plant

W-22: FGD Wastewater Treatment: Design and Operating from a Utility’s Experience