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Engineering Awards

In conjunction with our National Engineers Week program, it is our goal this year to recognize an exemplary engineer(s), and an outstanding project or projects from the Western Pennsylvania region.

(Past practice has been to award deserving projects in more than one category.)¬† To that end, a Selection Committee has been established within the ESWP Board of Directors and will make selections based upon the criteria as listed below. The attention that these awards will bring will highlight the important contributions engineers, contractors, and educators make to our society. It is the hope that these awards will represent a meaningful impetus in attracting the best minds to the Ô¨Āeld and encouraging those in the Ô¨Āeld to excel at their work.


Origin of the Metcalf Award

The Board of Direction of the Society at a meeting held on October 31, 1962 formally approved the following resolution concerning the William Metcalf Award.

It is proposed that the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania make an annual award to a very outstanding engineer who is a resident of the United States and whose field of engineering accomplishment relates to those fields normally associated with Western Pennsylvania, such as steel, aluminum, power, coal, electrical equipment, chemical, glass, construction, etc.

It is proposed that this award be named the William Metcalf Award in honor of a great engineer and the first President of our Society.

A Stainless Steel plaque, approximately 12 X 14 inches, bearing a likeness of the head of William Metcalf will be properly engraved and presented to the recipient at the Annual Banquet of the Society.

A committee, consisting of seven members of the Society, is to be appointed by the President and to include the President, Chairman of the Entertainment Committee, and five members who are ranking engineering executives of major Pittsburgh industrial engineering enterprises, at least five of whom shall be or have been members of the Board of Direction. The purpose of this committee shall be to select the candidate for the Award each year.

William Metcalf Biography

William Metcalf was born in Pittsburgh on September 3, 1838. Both his father, Orlando Metcalf, and his mother, whose maiden name was Constance D. Fries, were descendants of the very early settlers of this country.

After graduating from Pittsburgh public schools and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York (1858), he returned to Pittsburgh to become an engineer and draftsman at the Fort Pitt Foundry. In one year he became the general superintendent and held this position throughout the Civil War, although he was not yet thirty. It was his guiding genius which made the Fort Pitt Foundry one of the great manufacturing centers for heavy guns and projectiles for the armies of the North in the Civil War. Fort Pitt Foundry was one of the leading makers of armor plate and heavy ordnance for the Union. It was armor plate from this Foundry which was used on the ironclad steamers built at Philadelphia. The Foundry furnished the government with 1,193 cannon, 15 percent of the total supplied during the war. In 1868, Mr. Metcalf went into the steel business, in which he continued for many years, not giving up active management until about 1895.

Manufacture of crucible steel was largely pioneered in the United States by William Metcalf. He was one of the organizers of the Crescent Steel Company in 1889, specializing in fine crucible steels, and developing many of the processes for improvement.

William Metcalf was one of the leading practical experts in the field of mechanical and heat treatment of steel during the period prior to 1900. He was author of numerous scientific papers and leader in engineering circles. His book, “Steel, A Manual for Steel Users,” published in 1896 awas widely used.

In addition to being the first President of the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania, Mr. Metcalf was President of the Duquesne Club (1881-2), President of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, President of the Homeopathic Hospital of Pittsburgh, and member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Ameican Society of Mechanical Engineers, British Institute of Civil Engineers and the Episcopal Church. William Metcalf passed away in 1909 at the age of 71.

William Metcalf Award Recipients

2024  Rich Fitzgerald

2023 George E. Mezey
2022 Arletta Scott Williams
2021 Not Awarded (BQT was held virtually)
2020 Thomas G. Leech, P.E., S.E.
2019 Mark J. Magalotti, Ph.D., P.E.
2018 J. Fred Graham, P.E.
2017 Deborah Lange, Ph.D.
2016 James H. Garrett, Jr., Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE
2015 E. Joseph Duckett, P.E., Ph.D.
2014 Barry J. Schoch, P.E.
2013 Alex G. Sciulli, P.E.
2012 Bernard J. Fedak
2011 John Swanson, Ph.D.
2010 William L. “Red” Whittaker
2009 Stephen R. Tritch
2008 Gerald D. Holder, Ph.D.
2007 Robert H. Luffy
2006 Jared E. Cohon, Ph.D., P.E.
2005 Paul C. Rizzo, Ph.D., P.E.
2004 Allen D. Biehler, P.E.
2003 John Mascaro
2002 Jay Apt, Ph.D.
2001 Paul J. Wilhelm
2000 Joel I. Abrams, Ph.D.
1999 Anthony F. Lisanti
1998 Dr. Anthony DiGioia, Jr.
1997 Harold Hall
1996 Dr. Alfred C. Ackenheil, Jr.
1995 Francis H. Bricmont
1994 Gerald E. McGinnis
1993 Thomas J. Usher

1992 Thomas A. McConomy
1991 Robert B. Pease
1990 Konrad M. Weis
1989 James C. Fletcher
1988 Edward J. Slack
1987 Douglas D. Danforth
1986 Richard P. Simmons
1985 Fletcher L. Byron
1984 William N. Poundstone
1983 Robert Dickey
1982 Robert E. Kirby
1981 Elio D’Appolonia
1980 W.H. Krome George
1979 Charles F. Hauck
1978 Thomas C. Graham
1977 Edgar B. Speer
1976 John K. Beidler
1975 John M. Arthur
1974 I.W. Wilson
1973 Donald C. Burnham
1972 Col. Willard F. Rockwell
1971 Edwin H. Gott
1970 G. Albert Shoemaker
1969 John D. Harper
1968 Carl B. Jansen
1967 Stephan M. Jenks
1966 K.C. Heald
1965 E.J. Hanley
1964 Admiral Ben Moreell
1963 Walker Lee Cisler


ESWP Engineer of the Year Award Recipients

ESWP’s Engineer of the Year Award was created in 1998 to recognize individuals who have significant technical and professional accomplishments which contribute to the engineering profession. These individuals are active in civic and community affairs, hold membership in ESWP, or an affiliated technical society or member company, and possess a Bachelor’s degree or advanced degree from Engineering School or 5 years work experience in a recognized engineering position. No members of the Engineer’s Week Committee are eligible for this award.

2023 Kimberly Kennedy, P.E.

2022 Stephen G. Shanley, P.E.
2020 Daniel J. Lockard, P.E.
2019 Dr. Brandon Grainger
2018 Robert A. (Bob) Weimar
2017 Thomas Donatelli, P.E.
2016 Jim Foringer, P.E.
2015 N. Catherine Baz√°n-Arias, Ph.D., P.E.
2014 Cheryl Moon-Sirianni, P.E.
2013 Jeffrey J. Campbell, P.E.
2012 Thomas G. Leech, P.E., S.E.
2011 Ray N. Walker, Jr.
2010 H. Daniel Cessna, P.E.

2009 Colonel Michael P. Crall
2008 Lawrence J. Lennon, P.E., D.WRE
2007 G. John Kurgan, P.E.
2006 Charles M. Russell, Jr., P.E.
2005 Eric J. Beckman, Ph.D.
2004 Fred Reginella, P.E.
2003 John E. Coyne, P.E.
2002 Thomas E. Kennedy
2001 Andrew L. Beamon, P.E.
2000 Anthony M. DiGioia III, M.D.
1999 Werner C. Loehlein, P.E.


ESWP President’s Engineering Excellence Award Recipients

The ESWP President’s Engineering Excellence Award was created in 2010 to recognize individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to advance the practice of engineering, or the engineering profession, while they, themselves might not be an engineer. Nominations are brought by the ESWP Board of Directors and the recipient is chosen by a vote of the Board. This award is presented at the discretion of the Board, and may not be awarded on an annual basis.

2022 Rick Sebak
2018 Mary K. Conturo
2017 Patrick Hassett
2014 Rich Fitzgerald
2013 Dr. Alan J. Russell
2011 ASSET, Inc.  (Achieving Student Success through Excellence in Teaching)
2010 Chip Ganassi

ESWP Project of the Year Awards Recipients

  • 2022 Commercial: 1600 Smallman Street
  • 2022 Water & Wastewater: M29 Outfall Improvements
  • 2022 Transportation: Southern Beltway PA Turnpike 576 US Rt 22-I-79
  • 2022 Emergency Replacement: Fern Hollow Bridge Replacement Project
  • 2021 Transportation: Kenmawr Bridge Replacement
  • 2021 Innovation: Pittsburgh International Airport Micro Grid
  • 2021 Sustainability: I-579 Urban Space Cap
  • 2021 Commercial: AHN Wexford CCHP Plant
  • 2021 Environment: Yards Creek Generating Station
  • 2021 Energy: Riazzi Substation
  • 2020 Transportation: SR 19 Reconstruction & Shaler Street Bridge Replacement
  • 2020 Modernization: RIDC Mill 19
  • 2020 Water & Waste Water: Clairton Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • 2020 Commercial: UPMC Events Center
  • 2020 Innovation: The Dublin Link: Scioto River Pedestrian Bridge
  • 2019 Transportation: Bentleyville Interchange
  • 2019 Rehabilitation: Liberty Tunnel Rehabilitation
  • 2019 Innovation: Pennsylvania Turnpike Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction Milepost 39.62
  • 2019 Education: Point Park Playhouse
  • 2019 Emergency Rehabilitation Project: Station Square Norfolk Southern Derailment
  • 2018 Transportation: Liberty Bridge
  • 2018 Commercial: Carnegie Mellon University‚Äôs David A. Tepper Quadrangle
  • 2018 Emergency Remediation: Route 30 Emergency Rehabilitation
  • 2018: Industrial: Tenaska Westmoreland Generating Station
  • 2017 Transportation: Beechwood Boulevard (Greenfield) Bridge Replacement
    Owner: City of Pittsburgh
    Designer: HDR
    Constructor: Mosites Construction
  • 2017 Commercial: Union Trust Building
    Owner: The Davis Companies
    Architect: Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff + Goettel (PWWG)
    MEP Engineer: CJL Engineering
    Structural Engineer: Atlantic Engineering Services
    Construction Manager: Mascaro Construction
  • 2017 Industrial/Energy: Shell Early Works Project
    Owner: Shell Corporation
    Owner’s Rep: Jacobs Engineering
    General Contractors: Trumbull/Mascaro
  • 2017 Sustainability: Frick Environmental Center
    Owner: Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
    General Contractor: PJ Dick
    Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
    Others: H.F. Lenz Company, LaQuatra Bonci Associates, Barber & Hoffman, Nitsch Engineering, Atelier Ten, Ram-Tech Engineers (this includes design and engineering consultants.)
  • 2017 Innovative: PennDOT’s Innovative Public-Private Partnership CNG Transit Fueling (P3) Program
    Owner: PennDOT
    Contractor: Trillium CNG
    Designer: Larson Design Group
  • 2016 Commercial: UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex
    Owner: UPMC Corporate Construction and Real Estate
    Architect: BBH Design
    Engineer: CJL Engineering
    General Contractor: P.J. Dick
  • 2016 Industrial: Center Township Potable Water Source of Supply, Transmission and Interim Water Treatment Facility
    Owner: Center Township Water Authority
    Engineer: Lennon Smith Souleret Engineering, Inc.
    Prime Contractors: Guy’s Mechanical Systems, Inc. and Trumbull Corporation
  • 2016 Innovative Construction Methods: Milton-Madison Bridge Project
    Owner: Indiana Department of Transportation
    Prime Consultant: Michael Baker International
  • 2016 Sustainable: Lower Hill Infrastructure
    Owner: Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh
    Prime Consultant: Michael Baker International
  • 2016 Transportation: Hulton Bridge
    Owner: PennDOT District 11-0
    Prime Contractor: Brayman Construction
    Prime Design Consultant: Gannett Fleming, Inc.
  • 2015 Transportation: East Liberty Transit Center
    Owner:  Eastside Limited Partnership III, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority
    Construction Manager:  Michael Baker International
    Engineer:  CDM Smith
  • 2015 Advanced Technology:¬†Christchurch Sample Testing and Analysis
    Owner’s Representative: Robertson & Company for the City of Christchurch
    Engineer:  RIZZO Associates
  • 2015 Sustainability:¬†Edgewater at Oakmont
    Owner:  Edgewater Properties, LP and Kacin Companies, Inc.
    General Contractor: Kacin Companies, Inc.
    Engineering and Environmental Consultants: KU Resources, Inc.
  • 2015 Commercial:¬†Industrial Scientific Corporate Headquarters
    Owner:  Industrial Scientific Corporation
    General Contractor: Mascaro Construction, LP
    Engineer: IDC Architects, a CH2M Company
  • 2014 Transportation: Route 28 East Ohio Street Improvements
    Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • 2014 Commercial: Allegheny Health Network Health & Wellness Pavilion
    Owner: Allegheny Health Network
  • 2014 Sustainability: Energy Innovation Center (EIC)
    Owner: Pittsburgh Gateways Corporation
  • 2014 Industrial: Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Owner: New York City Department of Environmental Protection
  • 2014 Rehabilitation: Squirrel Hill Tunnel Rehabilitation
    Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • 2014 Higher Education: SUNY Polytechnic Institute
    Owner: College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
  • 2013 Transportation: Meadow Lands Interchange Project
    Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • 2013 Commercial: J&L Tunnel Modification Project
    Owner: CSX Transportaton, Inc.
  • 2013 Sustainable: The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
    Principal Architect: The Design Alliance Architects
  • 2013 Industrial: U.S. Steel “C” Coke Oven Battery
    Owner: United States Steel Corporation
  • 2012 Commercial: UPMC East Hospital
    Owner: UPMC
  • 2012 Remediation: BNY Mellon Center Exterior Remediation
    Owner: BNY Mellon Bank
  • 2012 Industrial: Houston Natural Gas Processing Plant
    Owner: MarkWest Liberty Midstream & Resources, LLC
  • 2012 Transportation: North Shore Connection
    Owner: Port Authority of Allegheny County
  • 2011 Sustainable: Zero Liquid Discharge for FGD Wastewater
    Owner: ENEL
  • 2011 Commercial: David Lawrence Convention Center Riverfront Plaza
    Owner: Pittsburgh Sports & Exhibition Authority
  • 2011 Industrial: Whitely Substation Withstands Mine Subsidence
    Owner: West Penn Power/First Energy
  • 2011 Transportation: PA Turnpike Reconstruction from Irwin to New Stanton
    Owner: PA Turnpike Commission
  • 2010 Commercial: 3 PNC Plaza
    Presented to: Astorino / PJ Dick
  • 2010 Transportation: SR 19, Section A-27, West End Improvement Project
    Presented to: Michael Baker, Jr., Inc. & PennDOT District 11-0
  • 2010 Civil: Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir Dam Restoration Project
    Presented to: Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc. and AmerenUE
  • 2009 Children‚Äôs Hospital – Owner: UPMC; Architect/Engineer: Astorino and the Parkway Missing Ramps Owner: PennDOT; Engineering Consultant: Michael Baker Corporation; Contractor: Balfour Beatty
  • 2008 I-35W Bridge Replacement Minneapolis, MN – Owner: Minnesota Department of Transportation; Designer: FIGG Bridge Engineers; Contractor: Flatiron-Manson, JV
  • 2007 Transportation Category: Pyandzh River Bridge Project – Governmental Construction Authority: USACE – Afghanistan Engineer District & TransAtlantic Programs Center; Engineering & Design, On-Site Consulting Agent for USACE: Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
  • 2007 Industrial Category: “C” Blast Furnace Rebuilding Project – Owner: SeverStal North America; Primary Design Professional: ATSI, Inc.; Construction Manager: Graycor; Other Project Team Members: Paul Wurth, Inc., ATAC Engineering, Inc., Hatch, Amerex, Quattro Associates, Inc., Siemens VAI, The Thomas Group, Total Equipment Company, Woodings Industrial Corporation, SNC-Lavalin America, Inc.
  • 2007 Commercial Category: Phipps Conservatory Expansion Project – Owner: Phipps Conservatory; Construction Manager: Turner Construction Co.; Project Architect: IKM
  • 2006 Transportation Category: Findlay Connector Highway
    Owner: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • 2006 Commercial Category: BioMedical Science Tower 3 (BST3)
    Owner: University of Pittsburgh
  • 2005 Industrial Category: AP1000 Nuclear Reactor
    Owner: Westinghouse Electric Company
  • 2005 Transportation Category: Erie Bayfront Connector Highway
    Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
    Engineer: GAI Consultants
  • 2004 Public Works Category: Hurricane Ivan Flood Emergency
    Road Repair Projects
    Owners: Pennsylvania DOT Engineering District 11-0
    Allegheny County Department of Public Works
    Construction Manager: Michael Baker Corporation
  • 2004 Transportation Category: Stage II Light Rail Transit System Project
    Owner: Port Authority of Allegheny County
    Engineer/Designers: URS Corporation, CDM, Parsons Corporation
    Construction Managers: Gannett-Fleming, Inc., DMJM+Harris, Inc.
  • 2004 Industrial Category: Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation Electric Arc Furnace
    Owner: Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation
    Engineer: R.T. Patterson Company, Inc.
    Construction Manager: Continental Design & Management
  • 2004 Commercial Category: UPMC Sports Performance Complex
    Owner: UPMC
    Architect/Engineer: Astorino
    Construction Manager: Mascaro Construction Company, L.P.
  • 2003 Commercial Project: David L. Lawrence Convention Center
    Owner: Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County
    Architect: Rafael Vinoly Architects, PC
    Construction Managers: Joint Venture of Turner Construction, P.J. Dick and ATS-CHESTER Engineers, Inc.
  • 2003 Transportation Project: Fort Pitt Bridge and Tunnel Rehabilitation
    Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
    Lead Engineer: HDR Engineering, Inc.
    Contractor: Trumbull Corporation
  • 2003 Heavy Construction Project: Saluda Dam Remediation
    Owner: South Carolina Electric & Gas Company
    Engineer: Paul C. Rizzo Associates
    Contractor: Barnard Construction Company
  • 2002 Environmental Reclamation Project: Summerset at Frick Park Project
    Public/Private Developer: Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
    Private Developer: Summerset Land Development Associates
    Design Professional: GAI Consultants, Inc.
  • 2002 Transportation Project: I-70 to PA 51 Project as part of the Mon Fayette Expressway
    Owner: PA Turnpike Commission
    Design Manager: Michael Baker Jr Inc.
    Construction Manager: Trumbull Corporation
  • 2002 Heavy Construction Project: Braddock Dam
    Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers
    General Contractor: JA Jones/Traylor Bros.
  • 2001 Transportation Project: West Busway
    Port Authority of Allegheny County
    Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
    Dick Corporation
  • 2001 Commercial Project: PNC Park
    Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh & Allegheny County
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    HOK Sport
    L.D. Astorino Companies
    Barton Malow/Dick Corporation
  • 2000 Commercial Project: PNC Firstside Center
    PNC Financial Services Group
    LDA – L.D. Astorino Companies
  • 1999 Industrial Project: Rio Dam Project
    Southern Energy of New York
    Paul C. Rizzo Associates
  • 1999 Commercial Project: St. Francis Hospital
    LDA – L.D. Astorino Companies
  • 1998 Commercial Project: American Video Glass Co.
    R.T. Patterson Company, Inc.
    P.J. Dick Incorporated
  • 1998 Industrial Project: Lake Erie Steel Company
    Kvaerner Constructors, Ltd.
    Kvaerner Engineering & Construction
    Kvaerner Songer, Inc.

ESWP Young Engineer of the Year Award Recipient

2023 Jeff Argyros, P.E.

2022 Michael Szurley, P.E.
2020 Aaron B. Colorito, P.E.

ESWP Educator of the Year Recipient

2022 Thomas Brambley for STEM
2022 Joseph Samosky, Ph.D.
2019 Bill White, Avonworth School District

Outstanding Engineering Achievement

2001 Anthony J. DeArdo, Ph.D. & C. Isaac Garcia, Ph.D.