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“Best of” IWC

Webinar Series

The Best of IWC Webinar Series is a great way to preview the high quality technical content presented at the International Water Conference®.


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Topic: Nutrient Reduction / Industrial WWT

Date: Thursday, July 29, 2021

Time: 12:00 Noon – 1:00 PM

IWC 20-02: Reducing Ammonia and Other Nitrogen Compounds in a MidWest Ammonia Producer’s Waste Stream using Reverse Osmosis
Author/s: Tom Gurley, III, ChemTreat, Glen Allen, VA ; Jeff Dackin, ChemTreat, Glen Allen, VA; Natasha Kramer, ChemTreat, Glen Allen, VA

IWC 20-30: Walking the Line – Nitrogen Removal in High Strength Industrial Wastewater
Author/s: Greg Harmer, Wood, Cambridge, ON Canada; Ed Greenwood, Wood, Cambridge, ON, Canada




Topic: Monitoring  /  Power & Ash

April, 2021

IWC 20-58: The Value (and the Challenges) of Corrosion Transport Monitoring  (2020 Best Overall Paper Award)
Colleen M. Scholl, P.E., HDR

Monitoring of corrosion products in power plants is an indicator of the success of the cycle chemistry program. This paper will discuss the value of instituting a formal corrosion transport monitoring program and detail the effort involved in optimization of a plant specific program. It will review methods for corrosion transport monitoring in steam generator cycles including the associated benefits and limitations. Case studies will be utilized to illustrate the process and the obtainable benefits.

IWC 20-66: Controlling Oxidation Air in an FGD Absorber as a Means to Simplify Wastewater Treatment  (2020 First Time Presenter Award)
Adam Sutherland, P.E., Stantec; Lindy Johnson; Bill Kennedy, Stantec

This paper presents experiences and benefits of a full scale installation of an oxidation air control system in a wet FGD application. Benefits include significant operational cost savings and improved wastewater treatability using chemical precipitation to aid compliance with EPA’s proposed 2019 ELGs for selenium and mercury. Liquor sulfite concentration as well as unit load and inlet SO2 are used to control the oxidation air flow rate to the absorber reaction tanks of a once through forced oxidation FGD scrubber. Impacts to the scrubber and wastewater chemistry will be described including comparisons to pre sulfite controlled operations.



Historical Papers

As an offering of the high quality technical content presented at the IWC, please review these historical  papers from IWC-past.  Technical Papers from more recent conferences, and our archived history, can be found here.  Check back often, as content will be updated on a regular basis.

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G.L. Dimotsis, Sybron Chemicals Inc., Birmingham, NJ and F.X. McGarvey, Sybron Chemicals Inc., Birmingham, NJ


IWC 09-36: Steam Generation Using Produced Water: Lessons Learned
Martin R. Godfrey, Nalco Company, Naperville, Illinois
Keywords: Produced Water, OTSG, Evaporator, Steam Generation, SAGD

Prepared Discussion for IWC 09-36:
Discusser: Melonie Myszczyszyn, CNRL Facilities Engineer, Alberta, Canada


IWC 07-24:  Equipment Design Considerations for Lime and Ion Exchange Treatment of Produced Water in Heavy Oil Extraction
Robert Holloway,  Holloway Associates, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Gordon Page, Page Technology Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Prepared Discussion for IWC 07-24:
John E. Fair, P.Eng., Fair Canada Engineering Ltd., Calgary, Alberta

Author’s Closure for IWC 07-24:
Robert Holloway,  Holloway Associates, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Gordon Page, Page Technology Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada