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Technical Program

The IWC has always been a strong educational conference. The IWC strives to present timely, relevant, non-commercial scientific information to help further educate an already-educated audience.

Attendees come to learn about the latest applications available in the industrial water treatment industry, educate themselves in current technology and applications through attendance in IWC workshops, and network heavily with their peers active in water treatment.

All papers presented at the IWC are carefully peer reviewed for quality and to ensure no commercial aspect is evident. Each Paper presentation at the IWC is followed by a Prepared Discussion–a thoroughly considered, different perspective on the topic, followed by an open floor discussion when all audience members and presenters can fully interact–ask questions, seek clarification, and raise alternative viewpoints. In essence–learn more!



ASME Session: Communicating Lessons Learned from Operating Steam Generating Systems

ASME Session: Preventing and Remediating Damage Caused by Chemical Excursions in Industrial Boiler Water

Boiler Water in a Changing Landscape

Concentrate Management

Cooling Water – Advancements in Monitoring and Chemical Treatment

Digging in the Dirt for Selenium and Sulfate

Harry Water and the Chamber of Sustainability Secrets

Keynote Session

Making Produced Water Sustainable

Miniscule Materials Matter Most

PFAS Treatment Options and Strategies

Reuse for Resource – Getting More from your Precious Water Assets

Reverse Osmosis: Expanding the Treatment Capabilities of Membranes

Tackling the PFAS Challenge

The ELGs are Coming! Really. FGD Treatment Alternatives

The Future of Industrial Water Treatment: Efficiency and Innovation Win the Day!

The Many Faces of Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The Membrane Future is Now

Water Projects: Overcoming the Hurdles

We’ve Got the Power!

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) – Design, Implementation, Operations and Lessons Learned