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Technical Program

The IWC has always been a strong educational conference. The IWC strives to present timely, relevant, non-commercial scientific information to help further educate an already-educated audience.

Attendees come to learn about the latest applications available in the industrial water treatment industry, educate themselves in current technology and applications through attendance in IWC workshops, and network heavily with their peers active in water treatment.

All papers presented at the IWC are carefully peer reviewed for quality and to ensure no commercial aspect is evident. Each Paper presentation at the IWC is followed by a Prepared Discussion–a thoroughly considered, different perspective on the topic, followed by an open floor discussion when all audience members and presenters can fully interact–ask questions, seek clarification, and raise alternative viewpoints. In essence–learn more!


Schedule at a Glance (one-page pdf)


2023 Technical Sessions

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November 13, 2023

M1: Pilot-Scale Studies for PFAS Treatment: Comparing the Effectiveness of Emerging Technologies

M2: Applying Advanced Oxidation Processes for Destruction of APIs and Other Problem Constituents

M3: Lithium & Rare Earth Unleashing the Power of Lithium in Water: Applications, Challenges, and Future Prospects

M4: Energy Transition and Carbon Capture—Many Colors and Stripes

Keynote Session –  11:00 AM

M5: Mining Water Treatment

M6: Membranes are Everyewhere

M7: Wastewater 1/ No Wasting of Wastewater: Reuse, Recovery, Reversals

M8: Sustainability/Water Positive

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM 1:15 – 5:00 PM


November 14, 2023

T1: Further Adventures in Brine Management

T2: Introduction to Industrial Boiler and Steam System Passivation, Carryover, Carry-under, and Chemical Treatment

T3: PFAS 2/ Best Practices in PFAS Management and Treatment

T4: Good to the Last Drop: Water Reuse in Action

T5: Making it Work – ZLD Objectives, Operations, and Optimization

T6: What’s new with the Cooling water Trilemma

T7: Heavy Metal; It’s not just Hard Rock

T8: Texans Take their Boilers Seriously

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM


November 15, 2023

W1: High Recovery Reverse Osmosis: Pushing the Boundaries

W2: The Coolest Ways to Understand and Treat Your Cooling System

W3: Coal, Residuals, and the Facilities that Love Them

W4: Water and Nutrient Management – Policy to Process

See Workshops Schedule for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday Line-up, additional fee required, reserve at registration desk