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IWC Committee News!

Congratulations to Ivan Morales from Integrated Sustainability, Inc. and Randy Turner from SWAN Analytical USA on their election on the International Water Conference (IWC) Executive Committee.

Mr. Morales is the Water Manager at Integrated Sustainability Inc in their Houston, TX office. Mr. Morales is currently managing the operation in the USA, focus on the oil shale market (Produced Water). He has over 22 years’ experience consulting in water treatment services for different industries: Oil Refinery, Upstream Oil Extraction, Power Generation, Chemical Process Industry, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, and worked in four different countries: Venezuela, Mexico, Canada and most recently in the USA.

Mr. Turner was a plant & corporate chemist for Southern Company for 33+ years. He became Technical Director for Swan Analytical USA in January 2012. Randy was chairman of EPRI’s Cycle Chemistry Program and awarded the Technology Transfer Award in 2010.  He was awarded the Paul Cohen award for the best technical paper at the International Water Conference in 2017. He is past chairman of the Power Plant and Environmental Chemistry Committee. He is Chairman of ASME PTC 19.11 Committee, International Properties of Water and Steam Committee, International Water Conference Advisory Council, AWWA Online Monitoring Committee, and Water and Environment Federation.

Both Ivan and Randy were on the IWC Advisory Council for more than more than five years before being elected to the IWC Executive Committee. The IWC Advisory Council is supported by over 60-member companies. These companies represent the leading water treatment service companies, OEMs, engineering firms, consultants, and chemical suppliers in the industry.  For a complete list of IWC Advisory Council companies, visit here:

We are pleased to welcome each of these candidates to IWC Executive Committee and we look forward to their assistance in the planning for the 80th Anniversary of the International Water Conference, which takes place on November 10-14, 2019 at the Hilton at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL, USA. For more information on the event visit,

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