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Members Scholarship Information

Thank you to all who applied for the 2017 ESWP Members Scholarship.

We had a great response this year, making the selection more than difficult for the Selection Committee.  Congratulations to Varun Sharma and Gillian Schriever upon being selected as the 2017 ESWP Members Scholarship. Varun is majoring in Computer Science at Carnegie-Mellon University, and Gillian is a Chemical Engineering major at the University of Pittsburgh.   Each will receive a $2,500.00 scholarship. 

The ESWP awards up to two or three scholarships per year; eligible students and previous years’ winners can apply, and may be awarded scholarships up to four successive years.  The scholarships will be awarded to outstanding high school seniors or currently enrolled college undergraduate students, preparing for a career in engineering, architecture or applied sciences. The selection criteria will be determined by the ESWP Scholarship Committee, and approved by the ESWP Board of Directors.  The students must be accepted in an eligible, full-time course of study, at an accredited college or university. The awards will be made without regard to financial need.

The children, grandchildren of any ESWP member in-good-standing (natural or step-) are eligible to apply for the ESWP Members Scholarship.  Applications open on April of each year, with the scholarship award announced in June/July for the Fall semester.