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ESWP Corporate Membership Application

Use this form to request corporate membership to the ESWP.

Applications are reviewed by the ESWP Board at the monthly board meeting.

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While Corporate members cannot vote as an entity on ESWP matters, individual membership designees will have voting rights and privileges consistent with other ESWP member classifications.

REGULAR MEMBERS - Regular Members shall be graduates with a degree in engineering, architecture or applied sciences from nationally accredited institutions of higher learning or who, in the judgment of the Board, have equivalent practical experience. Professional Members shall have the exclusive right to vote on any ESWP matters and shall be eligible to hold any Society office.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS - Associate members shall be persons who do not meet the technical requirements for Professional Membership but who, in the judgment of the board will cooperate with members in promoting and supporting the purposes of the society. Associate Members shall not have voting privileges and shall not be eligible to hold a Society office.


ESWP Corporate Memberships are available in four different levels for companies of various sizes. Please select one below. (no payment due now, you willed be invoiced once approved)
Membership Type

List each Individual Member, Title, Mailing Address, Email, College/University, Degree, and Date of Graduation

Corporate sponsored individual memberships are fully transferable within the same Corporate Member Company.

ESWP is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit Corporation. Therefore, ESWP Corporate Membership dues are 100% tax deductible as a business expense.

Pittsburgh Engineers’ Building, 337 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222