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Future City Competition
Pittsburgh Region

What is Future City?

Future City is a hands-on cross-curricular educational program that brings STEM to life for students in grades 6 through 8.

Theme for 2024-2025: Above The Current

The 33rd Annual International Competition Asks Middle School Students to Design a Floating City One-Hundred Years in the Future

It’s predicted that by the end of this century more than 500 coastal cities around the world will be underwater because of sea level rise. Massive storms fueled by climate change will further threaten flooded coasts. Floating cities are more than a fantastical idea: engineers, scientists, and architects are making them real.

This year’s Future City® Competition challenges middle school students to explore: What problems does a floating city solve? What new problems does it present? How would your floating city look, feel, smell, and sound different from today’s cities? And to imagine what future cities will be like when engineers find and implement solutions to the challenges of floating cities.

With a challenge to design  a  Floating  City, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will research, imagine, and design a floating city and provide two innovative examples of how their floating city keeps its citizens healthy and safe.

The deadline to register for this year’s Future City® Competition is October 31, 2024. To register or learn more visit Follow us on our Facebook page for more information and updates on the Future City® Competition.


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