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ESWP Award Winners announced!

The Engineersā€™ Society of Western Pennsylvania has announced the recipients for our 2022 Awards.

For the Projects of the Year, the winners are, per category:

  • Transportation Category: The Southern Beltway
  • Water and Wastewater Category: M29 Overflow
  • Commercial Category: 1600 Smallman Street
  • Emergency Replacement Category: the Fern Hollow bridge

For the Recipients of the Individual Awards, we recognize:

  • Engineer of the Year: Stephen Shanley, Allegheny County DPW
  • Young Engineer of the Year: Michael Szurley, Pennsylvania DOT
  • Higher Educator of the Year: Dr. Joseph Samosky, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
  • STEM Educator of the Year: Thomas Brambley, PACyber Charter School

Also, as previously announced, the recipient of the 2023 William Metcalf Award for Lifetime Achievement has been awarded to George E. Mezey!

Congratulations go out to all of the Award Recipients!

For additional information or to make reservations for the banquet visit our annual events page.

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