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ESWP Program Highlights with Mark Compton and Jennie Granger

80+ ESWP Members’ and their guests enjoyed lunch and heard from Mark Compton and Jennie Granger, some of the highlights……

The Pennsylvania Turnpike’s CEO says the turnpike is facing a catastrophic money crisis, especially if the General Assembly requires the turnpike to continue to fund PennDOT $450 million out of tolls each year.

“If we are asked to continue these payments beyond 2022, catastrophic is also a word I would use as we talk about the state of the turnpike,” Mark Compton said in Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

Compton and Deputy PennDOT Secretary Jennie Granger spoke at the Engineers Club at a program sponsored by the Engineers Society of Western Pennsylvania and the Airport Corridor Transportation Association.

KDKA money editor Jon Delano moderated the discussion and his full report can be found here.

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