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ESWP Engineering Career Fair

ESWP’s 3rd Annual Engineering Career Fair took place on Friday, February 8, 2019 at the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania.

Our career fair provided a rare opportunity for students and professionals to meet employers and company representatives in the engineering field all in one place.

This year, 25 companies participated in greeting over 140 students from the tri-state area. The students were eager to participate this year, as ESWP had a waiting room of approximately 20 students before the start of the event on Friday. At the end of the event, companies commented “This was the best career fair yet” and “This event gives us an opportunity to talk to students from various schools, it is very beneficial for us to attend.”

In addition to the career fair, we had almost 25 students take advantage of the mock interviews that were offered. This was an opportunity for students and professionals to interact and get quick feedback on their resume and interview skills. The actual qualifications required for the job were provided by the employers prior to the interview. This includes factors such as work experience, minimum educational qualification, and average salary offered. The students that participated appreciated the feedback and experience.

ESWP recommends that students consider these five (5) things after attending the ESWP Engineering Career Fair:

1. Get organized.
2. Follow-up with employers.
3. Maintain the connection.
4. Practice your interviewing skills.
5. Reflect on your experience at the ESWP career fair.

These five items will better prepare students for a future opportunity. For more information about upcoming student or young member events, visit

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