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IBC 2020 Abstract Review

Technical Committee General Information

  1. The committee evaluates and rates each abstract on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 = low, 10 = high), and sends the results to the IBC staff where the scores are averaged. Committee members should abstain where they feel there is a conflict of interest or if an abstract was submitted by the Committee member’s company, organization or agency.
  2. Members of the committee should review all submitted abstracts and submit their grading forms to the conference office before the first technical committee meeting.
  3. Grading forms may be submitted electronically to Electronic submittals are preferred. Please have your grades in no later than COB Friday, October 25th.
  4. The Technical Committee will meet on Friday, November 1, 2019 at 11:30 am at ESWP to determine which abstracts will be accepted.
  5. There are no limits on the number of abstracts that may be submitted from authors representing a particular firm or organization. The committee shall exercise judgment on this issue. In general, the best potential papers should be short-listed bearing in mind that selection of papers from a diverse array of firms and organizations is in the best interest of the Conference.
  6. The accepted abstracts will be organized into sessions.
  7. Session chairs are selected for each session. The session chairs are usually members of the committee. The General Chair chairs the Keynote Session. A representative from the Featured Agency chairs the Featured Agency Session.


2020 Grading Sheet (excel)


Abstracts 1 – 25

Abstracts 26 – 50

Abstracts 51 – 75

Abstracts 76 – 100

Abstracts 101 – 125

Abstracts 126 – 150

Abstracts 151 – 175

Abstracts 176 – 180


Searchable Abstract Excel Sheet (Author names, company, paper title)