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IBC Photo Contest Review

Topic: Desert Bridges

With this topic, we are soliciting photographs ofĀ bridges that elicit the desert aesthetic.Ā 

The committee evaluates and rates each photo on a scale of 1 to 5. Committee members should abstain where they feel there is a conflict of interest or if a photo was submitted by the Committee memberā€™s company, organization or agency.

Please submit your grades no later than Tuesday, April 9, 2024

  • For the photographs that you score a 4 or 5, feel free to provide a comment/quote in the box provided. The best comments/quotes will be used for advertisement purposes in the IBC Magazine.

Photo Contest Submissions (excel)

The score for each photo is BELOW the photo.


Photo Contest Scoring

Please score according to scale:

1 – not very impressive – should not be considered

2 – some character but likely not worthy of consideration

3 – good – adequate composition, pretty picture

4 - very good – well composed subject matter

5 – excellent – wonderful image, good contrast of light



Photo 1 - US 191 Colorado River Bridge
Locale: Moab, Utah




Photo 2 - US 191 Colorado River Bridge
Locale: Moab, Utah




Photo 4 - Mike O'Callaghanā€“Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge
Locale: This bridge spans the Colorado River between the states of Arizona and Nevada in the Lake Meade Recreational Area.




Photo 5 - Middle Bridge
Locale: US Route 50 crossing the Blue Mesa Reservoir (Gunnison River)




Photo 6 - Iran/ 33 Pol
Locale: Zayanderud River - which looks dry due to lack of rain.




Photo 7 - Northaven Trail Bridge
Locale: Northaven Trail Bridge over U.S. 75 in Dallas, Texas




Photo 8 - London Bridge
Locale: Lake, Havasu, Arizona




Photo 9 - White Pass & Yukon Narrow Gauge Railroad Bridge (Abandoned)
Locale: White Pass, Alaska crossing the mountainous wasteland of Whie Pass




Photo 12 - Black (Kaibab Trail Suspension Bridge) Bridge
Locale: Grand Canyon- Colorado River




Photo 13 - Silver Bridge (Bright Angel Trail Bridge)
Locale: Grand Canyon National Park - Colorado River




Photo 14 - Midgely Bridge
Locale: Wilson's Canyon, Sedona, AZ




Photo 15 - Royal Gorge Bridge
Locale: Arkansas River and Royal Gorge Railroad




Photo 16 - Park Union Bridge
Locale: Colorado Springs over UPRR connecting the U.S Olympic & Paralympic Museum and America the Beautiful Park




Photo 17 - Royal Gorge Bridge
Locale: Partial view of Royal Gorge Bridge Tower from Royal Gorge River Train




Photo 19 - Hite Crossing Bridge
Locale: Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (Colorado River)




Photo 20




Photo 21



When finished with scoring, use the submit button to send in your scores. Or use the Save and Continue Later button, you will receive an email with a link to come back and finish scoring.