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Call for Papers
Submission Form

Would you like to be a presenter at the 2024 IWC in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Use this form to submit an abstract of your paper.  While abstracts should include specific details, they are executive summaries of your paper.

Abstract length should be a minimum of 150 words, with a maximum of 400 words, plus any supporting data. Papers should describe completed studies, programs or descriptions of work in progress with significant intermediate results. Presentations of the papers at the conference are allowed 25 minutes in length, followed by a 10-minute prepared discussion by a third-party expert. Case histories discussing solutions to problems are desirable, especially by end-users. Papers describing new technical advancements, including supporting data, are particularly welcome.

Final sessions will be decided on the basis of abstracts submitted.

Deadline to Submit your Abstract is March 22, 2024!


Writing Effective Abstracts (pdf)


Suggested Topics for the Abstract:

Boiler Water Treatment and Condensate Polishing
Brine/Concentrate Management
Brine Management/ Recovery
Carbon Capture and Hydrogen (Decarbonization)
CCR Wastewater Management – Groundwater, Leachate, DeWatering
Cooling Water Treatment
Data Centers
Energy Transition and Water Challenges
Ground Water Treatment at Coal Ash Sites
High Recovery Systems
Innovative High-Recovery Membrane Processes
Innovative / Emerging Topics Technologies
Ion Exchange
Lithium/Rare Earth

Nutrient Reduction and Removal
Oil & Gas Upstream/Refining/Downstream
Potable Water Treatment
Pretreatment Technologies (Including Gray Water)
Produced Water Management and Treatment
Risk and Rewards of High-Recovery RO
RO and Membrane Treatment Processes
Trace Contaminant Removal
Ultrapure Water
Wastewater Treatment – Power Plant Wastewaters
Wastewater Treatment – Industrial/Others
Water and Carbon Capture
Water Needs for Hydrogen and New Materials
Water Positive
Water Project Delivery
Zero / Minimum Liquid Discharge